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I went to my local branch for an advice on my account. I was greeted properly but that was the only thing that went okay at the branch.

The "banker" took me to a semi-open office to handle my business that had little to no privacy. This "banker" was new and had no knowledge of my question. So, he asked the branch manager to help. The manager took over and after I restated my needs, he proceeded to carry a conversation with me OUT LOUD.

May be the whole bank did not hear MY PERSONAL banking information, but close. The branch manager was insensitive to customer privacy. Then he was trying to advice me an option that I told him I am not interested THREE TIMES!

NO meant NO, not may be you will think about it... This is the third incidents that I had with Well Fargo it will take a miracle for me to be a customer again.

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terrible bank. Constantly wanting to sell you products.

Everytime you do anything at this bank it is a NEW ACCOUNT they are pushing. Always reducing the interest rates.

Security boxes fees when you had no fee on the old accounts.


RUN and I mean RUN as fast as you can from this BANK. They hire criminals to steal your money. google wells fargo sucks tons of info

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