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I have been trying to track down a check that was written to my company and was never received. When I asked the person that wrote the check to my business he informed me it had been deposited and cleared his bank. I then went to Wells Fargo bank ( the bank of the person writing me the check ) and they looked into it, opened a case number and then informed me they could not give me any info because of the rights of the person that wrote me the check. I then opened a case with my local police department and they won't return my calls. The person that wrote me the check says he filed a fraud case with his bank, but I am growing skeptical. At this point I am starting to believe crime pays, can you help me? I have a copy of the check front and back showing it was deposited and paid out. On the back of the check it states "deposit Only" and has an account number.

This just seems so simple and frustrates me that a large check was written to me, someone took it and I am being told I have no right to find out who. The person that wrote me the check didn't want to in the first place, so I am growing suspicious of them as well because they are telling me that they are working with Wells Fargo, but seems to be dragging on.

My question……..How can a check be written to my company and get stolen and I have no way or "right" to investigate and find out who? Nobody seems to want to help and I have tried everything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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The person who wrote the check is the victim of the crime, not you. He/she can get that information.

Your position is that the person who wrote the check still owes you the money.

It's neither your fault nor responsibility to be concerned with why the debt isn't paid. The debtor still owes you the money.


The person who wrote the check probably deposited it into his own account so if you inquired about it he could show you that it was deposited...they will try and get you every way they can..

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