Saint Louis, Missouri

I have been with Wells Fargo for 3 yrs now. I love the bank, but my job field makes me move a lot.

I moved here to St. Louis, MO, & there aren't any Wells Fargo banks in the state of MO. I have mobile deposit on my phone, so depositing money isn't an issue. However, pulling money out of an atm is an issue.

I asked if they would pay the atm fees since I really don't want to leave. A lot of banks will do that for their customers, except for Wells Fargo. Because of this I have no choice but to find another bank.

They have all those features like way to save, or monitoring your credit for identity thief, but they can't take care of a $2 atm fee to make a customer happy. Thats ridiculous in my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Deposit.

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PS Missouri is the real problem- why won't they let Well in?

I thought they were red state capitalists.

(Of course ND is a red state and runs the only socialist state bank in the USA)

And I will still take Wells over US Bank any day. Even with a few hiccups.

US Bank is

here and I am closing out with them anyway.

Wells at least doesn't cash bogus checks with no endorsements and treat you like a criminal and bog you down in paperwork trying finger it back.


I don't understand Missouri not allowing Wells in. I am working around the ATM issuws--but when we closed on our house they needed to in person verify identity for the cashiers check.

They have a wells mortgage and wells advisors and apparently have worked wirh various wells banks to get it done and wired... if you find the right manager...unfortunately we didn't and had to drive to Kansas.

Overall, I thought that was lame.

After some bickering, they paid gas and food for us to go there.

But their affiliates certainly were more than capable of verifying identity.


Policy is policy! Just because you move doesn't mean the company has to accommodate you.

Why didn't you think about moving to an area where this bank is located if it was going to be so much of an issue to you? And like one poster said places like publix and walmart will give the option for cash back when making a purchase with your debit card.


Just a tip, when you are outside of your home bank's normal business area (not just Wells Fargo, but any bank) try going to grocery stores or department stores and using your debit card and pin to get cash back there instead of the ATM. For most banks there would be no charge.


Actually, a lot of banks won't. I know many people who travel with their jobs and their ATM fees are their own responsibility. Most are smart enough to have a bit of cash when they travel.