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After dealing with Wells Fargo for the past 16 months and getting denial after denial Wells Fargo FINALLY came up with their version of a loan modification.

After making my three installments of $1845.17, as requested by Wells Fargo, I was given the Loan Modification Agreement with less than 5 days to go over the terms proposed by the Wells Fargo legal staff. Furthermore I contacted Wells Fargo immediately to get a detail of the terms since my English is not very good. Wells Fargo on February 12 informed me that a letter was sent out to further explain the terms. NO LETTER arrived. And no explanation provided either.

If you look at the records, I spoke to someone at Wells Fargo nearly every day and not once did anyone mention that I had until February 18 to get the papers back or Wells Fargo will foreclose on my home. Now Wells Fargo has taken my money, time has expired and Wells Fargo has a foreclosure sale date of March 4, 2010. Now I am told this process has to start all over again if Wells Fargo does not foreclose first. Why?

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Monetary Loss: $430.

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Hey, try working for these people. It's *** trust me.

The person you spoke with at Wells is trying to keep their jobs, and Wells couldn't care less. All I can tell you is don't waste your time or money with these Jerks.

Let them have the property back, I'm sure when they get enough of them they will wake up and smell the coffee. Once they say they are forclosing, be sure to stay in the home for a year or two Free and see how they like that.


I too have been and still am going through this nighmare with wells fargo. I have names ,dates,times and I even have confermation numbers that when you call back not one person reconizes.

this is a night mere and if there is anyone out there who has two brain cells to rub together, please let me know if any thing can be done. I cant believe that our goverment lets this happen to people this is bordering on communism.

Not only that it about to give me another heart attack. how do you fight s company this large.


I to would like to be part of a class action law suit. My attorney in Los Angeles is going to bat for me but not sure of the cost. For contact my email is


They can not modify because they have met the quota's for those servicing pools. The insurance thing is also one the ways they are taking money wrongfully.

Why would you want to modify your loan when there may be fraud in your mortgage that you were not aware of. You can take that fraud and make those that broke the law pay rather than you paying them to defraud you. When the banks break the law they owe YOU money, it says so in the law. The way to show they broke the law is in auditing the paperwork.

A forensic audit performed by certified professionals can go over mortgage documents and find the violations of the law. Since a crime may have been committed you need to treat the paperwork as such. From the audit then a letter asking for more information or a rescission letter asking for the return of ALL money paid in and for them to divest themselves of all claims. From there litigation paperwork can be created ready to file into court.

They do not want their violations of the law before a jury of 12 homeowners who may wonder if they were defrauded as well. See all the "MISTAKES" they make like losing document etc may be more than that, it may be intentional which is fraud. contains example after of example what the law says when it come to mortgages. The site will be changing in the next few days so if you visit once and it is different the next that is why.

If the people are going to take back this country we need to do it one home at a time with the law. When you have gone through the site and see just what you can do then contact to start taking back this country one home at


just got the call from wells fargo and was denied a modification after sending trial payments for 6 months. I think they let the cat out of the bag.

they told me I was denied because I have equity in my home. wtf


just got the call from wells fargo and was denied a modification after sending trial payments for 6 months. I think they let the cat out of the bag.

they told me I was denied because I have equity in my home. wtf


I too am a victim of Wells Fargo, this makes my 4th time submitting the Hardship package because I rejected the initial loan modification because there figures for escrow was not correct. After call just about every other day to see where the escrow figures was coming from one of the representative told me to reject the mod with a letter of explanation.

I did. Resubmitted Hardship papers. Someone at WF said that I did not live in my home, got denied because of this fact. I would like to be a part a class action law suit against these people especially for punitive damages because I am disabled on a fixed income.

I do have some information on who to contact FHA-HAMP (Home Affordable Program. I sincerely believe the Federal do not know what we are going through.

my email is available.

I say shout them down.


I have a mortgage loan through Wells Fargo.

When I bought my home in 2007 I had a different bank. I was looking for a long term relationship with this bank when all of a sudden I was opened to the world of Wells fargo. I made my payments on time . Had good credit until one day got a call saying my payment was past due. So like a good person I made a payment over the phone and was charged a late fee. But get this not only was my payment overdue my next pament was due because I was late. so I made the next payment. In all total I paid 4,200.00. Ok what happened to the first payment I asked myself. I made the first payment at the local branch. When I brought my payment to the bank the teller said my account number was missing the last two digits so she looked it up and applied the funds to the account. Simple ???. Well guess what? The payment that day went to my account ok but it was put on hold stating that the funds were unapplied as they did not have a payment due because *** me paid it over the phone. So the payment went to the balance I owed on the home. They would not refund the money once it was applied to the balance. This of course happened to me on three seperate occasions.

Did I get an explanation? Don't count on it! It seems my home lost value in the interum and all I can see is that The bank was trying to get me to do a loan modification and with this stimulis money they mailed me a whole forest of propositions on this loan modifications scam. On top of that they were telling me that I had to get flood insurance? I do not live in a flood zone and I my house is on a hill. No river no lake ???

Anyway I have paid an arm and a leg for this loan and believe me I have to check my assters every time I make a payment.


burden that haunts me every time I make a payment!

Good Grief

The two digit shuffle

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