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I have been fighting with Wells Fargo for two years trying to get the title to my car. I got evicted from my apartment because they told me that if I didn't pay my past due amount, they were coming to repo the car.

So I paid my bill, got evicted, then through my retirement account, payed off the whole car loan.

Even after that they were screaming repo at me for almost six months. We finally got the loan straightened out, and they said they would send me the title. Three months later, still no title, so I called their customer service line. That number couldn't help me, try this number.

That number directed me to another, then to yet another number. Then those *** sent me back to the first number! WHO HAS MY TITLE??!! The car is almost too expensive to repair again, it won't pass inspection this year unless I fix it, and I can't trade it in without my f*%&@^g title!

And can you find the right number to bi*$h somebody, anybody out?

NO! Everything is automated now and trying to get a real person is like asking pigs to fly and *** gold bricks straight into your bank account.

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i bought my car in 1985 and still no title. im still driving my corolla cous i cant sell it.

i now have 427,242 miles. i dont want to go over 430,000 miles becouse the value will go down... i have an offer on the table for $235. I am also searching for a rear passenger seat as my neighbor stole it to put it on his El Camino.

This is a serious matter and we should start a class act lawsuit.

Im in. Go Bearnie 2020.


You should just ask for a lien release. With that, you can go to the DMV and get a duplicate. It's quicker than messing with Wells Fargo.


I have had very similar instances to get my car title. It's been almost a year since I have paid off my vehicle and nothing.

I keep getting the run around from number to number.

They say it's sent electronically to DMV, DMV says it comes via physical mail. Where the *** is it?


I feel your pain. I have a vehicle and can't get tag because no title.


Im having the same issues. Paid off my motorcycle 3-4 years ago, sold it and when I went to the BMV to have a dupe title generated (assuming I lost the original title) I was told that Wells Fargo still had a lien on the title.

Called them and they said it was an error and they are going to process it... claims it takes 3 days to process the request (which is total bullshyat) They claim they have several different divisions but I do not understand why they simply can not find the motorcycle by looking it up by the VIN.

Claiming they cant find that I even made a request yesterday.... they are so F'ed UP!


I paid my car off 18 months ago and still no title. I've called a couple times getting told different things from different people.

This last time they said they were sending a form for us to complete and that was three weeks ago; still no form. I'm starting to think law suit honestly!


i paid my car off almost a year ago and i still have not received my title either. they are a horrible horrible bank


paid off our laon in august, its now may and my registration is due. they fu**** something up already cause now dmv wants 1400 to reister it. cause they fu**** up the title and konw one knows where it is.


supposedly they mailed my title in regular mail 3 weeks ago...uh huh. why didn't you send it certified mail??? I always paid on time, and paid my loan off early, after 5 years this is the way I'm treated, now it's my problem?


Wells Fargo took 15 months to send me my title to sign and send back. I had to get an attorney to get it and it took him 3 months of the 15 to get it.

They will not take responsibilty of their problem they caused.

I am out alot of money because they do so wrong to consumers. We consumers have a right to our rights but thes big companies can get away with anything.


ihavebeenfighting well fargo for 5 years on my title they say they can.t find it you mite try calling there walnut grove office in (ca) where they keep the titles but rember your dealing with people that think they work for the dmv there *** s t u p i d and retards


wells fargo repo my car. i paid out the *** to get it back.

when i picked the car up at a local car lot. i was told the car had never left that local lot however wells fargo charged me an extra $500.00 fee for transporting the car back from auction in atlanta ga. that car had never gone to.. once i had my car back and 3 mos pasted, i paid the car off in full.

$9,000.00 wells fargo never could come up with my title weeks, mos, and a year went by. finialy i went to my local court house with a release of lein paper signed by wells fargo in an attempt to get a new title or regisiter car in my name and get tags. at the court house tag office i was told i could not get tag or regisiter the car in my name as the car was regisitered only to wells fargo and my name was no where on this car ,,, it appears wells fargo took my name off the car when they repoed it . even after i paid to get car back and paid the fees that were added on which was a scam by wells fargo.

they accepted my monthly car payments and the pay off on a car that was not even in my name...i reported this the bbb and spoke to a lawyner and nothing ,,the lawyner told me wells fargo would only lie in court and make me look a fool.. end to this story.. my son wrecked the car totaling it.. my insurance would not pay off untill the they could get title from me.

which i was still trying to get from wells fargo.. finialy on s voice message (which is all you will reach with wells fargo) i left a message that wells fargo was driving me crazy and i was haveing a nervous breakdown over all of this and if i leave a sucide note to my family it will read that wells fargo drove me to breaking point. THEN i get a real live person called me from wells fargo.. and finialy my insurance co aggreed to pay off my car to me and they would continue battle with wells fargo for title..

GREAT all worked out.. but a year later i got a fedex from wells fargo with return fedex enevelope and letter with release forms ,, wells fargo asking me to sign power of attorney over to them..NOW WHAT WOULD YOU DO?




OMG, I have the same issue, Wells Fargo bought my car loan and when I paid it off they say that they will mail me my car title. 1 year now and I still haven't gotten my car title, what the @!$*!!!!


I also can't get through to a real person either, *** automated keeps kicking me off the phone.


same thing happened to me. 95 tercel old as *** needed some repairs.my boss took it off my hands for 300 dollars.

fixed it too working shape for daughter to go to school. had gotten small loan from wells fargo in 2000 used car title for collateral. wells fargo lost the title.also the loan was paid off in 2004 or 2005.called branch whwer loan was processed. a very nice lady tried too help, but because im no longer in ther system they could not release a lien relase letter.

now im stuck. trying to go thru customer assistance but honestly not feeling very hopeful. dont no what to do next. all this for a 15 yr old car.

i know my title is sitting in some folder somewhere.

thank god my boss is a patient man. i honestly dont know if ill ever get the title to my car?


same thing has happened to me, but I asked for my car title, and they said they did'nt even have a record of me having a loan with them! They lost my whole account of even having a car loan with them. Now I have NO title, and I need to sell my car because I am moving to Hawaii.

@Joshua carrero

Same thing here. I paid my car off in 2001 and they did send a release of lien with an incorrect VIN number.

Now they are telling me they have no account under the VIN number or my name. They also did not send anything to the BMV so it looks like there is still a lien on the vehicle.

I can’t even give the car away without a title. So frustrating and I haven’t been able to get any help from them!