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Two years ago I payed off my Wells Fargo Credit Card because the interest rate was too high. Now, two years later, I receive a bill with two charges that total $76.33.

I called Wells Fargo Customer Service and asked why this account wasn't closed and was informed "Sir, you never closed this account". I then explained what happened and was transfered to Customer Fraud. Customer Fraud (Alena id ec5) stated they would research the charges and go ahead and take these off the account. I stated that I closed the account two years ago and why wasn't it closed. They stated I would need to contact Customer Service to close the account. Now, I'm transfered to customer service and spoke with Chris (#2881) who promised me the account would be closed by 10.10.08).

Today (10.15.08) I receive a new Wells Fargo credit card in the mail. Now, I'm really shocked because what part of close my account do they not understand?

I call customer service the the representative stated I never closed my account. I then asked for his supervisor and I'm transfered to Enrica Canales (S4136). I explain what happend going back two years. he then states, what do you want me to do, I stated "close my account" then he asks me why? I explain again and now he says that I never closed my account and asked me why I can't keep my stories straight. About that time I because more than upset. He then said "Sir, you have two options, tell me what you want or I hang up". I have already explained to this person more than once that the account needed to be closed. He then stated that the record showed that I only called last week and spoke with customer service and never requested to have my account closed". About this time I asked for his supervisor and he stated "I don't have one". I asked "so, you don't report to anyone? We all report to someone?" He said, "I report to a board". He refused to give me the information but a PO box that I could write to.

Now, I'm really getting pissed off and this is no lie, he called me a lier, an *** and I must be stuipid because I am making this all up and never requested to have my account closed". I want to know why my account wasn't closed two years ago, last week via Chris (#2881) and this evening. I also want to know why I receive a new credit card?

I was so pissed I hung up. I have a feeling this was his goal.

I called back and spoke with Raymond (#807072) who gave me a number to contact in regards to complaints against this manager. You can believe me, I will be calling tomorrow, contacting the Attorney Generals Office, the CEO of WF and every site that talks about Wells Fargo.

What I don't understand is why they are great about setting up an account, but when you close it, they always seem to "forget" to close it and stated that it was never done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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I am a lawyer licensed in 2 states. Do not waste your time or heart tissue with worry.

Simply write Account is closed on the latest bill they send you and be done with it. If they send another inform them you will sue for harasment and be done.

If they ever contact you again do it, you could get a tidy little sum because anything below $15000 is cheaper for them to settle than fight. Also notice Wells Fargo is the subject of way to many complaints, and they know it.