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we're a small business in Wasilla Alaska. deciding we required a credit card reader to make transactions, we contacted wells fu¢k you and they installed a data solutions reader in our store...

the representative from the bank informed us that the reader was $45/mo, pluss a percentage of each transaction. that totaled $172.50 for nov 2012... we were charged over $400 and on top of that, they hit us with "card fee, card interchange fee, card holding fee, card usage fee" and much more which overdrew the account... AND THEN- they added OVER $370.00 in overdraft fees!.

wells fargo are liars, cheats and thieves. for God's sake, DO NOT use this company for your business! go to the russian mafia first...

or maybe sell your children... but not we'll *** you bank!!!

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Wasilla Alaska, is that where Palin is from?

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