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I had Wachovia accounts for years before Wells Fargo took them over and never had a problem! Since

Wells Fargo took over I've had nothing but problems and today was the last straw.

I am on Social Security and get my check the 3rd of each month. It is my only income. Due to an unexpected car repair, my checking account ended up overdrawn in Dec. 2011.

My direct deposit posted Jan. 1, 2012 which corrected the overdraft and then some. I used my check card on Jan. 1 and Jan.

2 to pay bills online, pick up medication at Walgreen's and buy dinner. I went to the bank this morning and attempted to use my check card to make a deposit. I got an error message that my card can't be used in the ATM and to call a number for help. I called the number and was told the card was suspended because of the overdraft and I needed to go into the branch to get my card reactivated.

So I go into the branch where they were NOT able to reactivate it and they gave me the SAME number to call. I called the number again, and this time they tell me that the branch didn't want a scene in the lobby and that Wells Fargo will NOT reactivate my card nor issue me another.

If I want to access my money I have to walk into the branch and make withdrawals and mail hand written checks to pay my bills instead of using online bill pay which requires a check card. Needless to say I CLOSED THE ACCOUNT!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

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This is so beyond made up.


You need to quit this monster mega-bank and go to a smaller community bank or to a credit union. Get moving soon so SSA can get your next check to the correct account.