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2 years ago my husband was diagnoised with cancer, we thought we had Death and Disability Ins. on the home we were buying, NOT!

The gal that wrote the paper's up on our home 2 years earlier, was so busy getting ready to go on her free vaction she won from Wells Fargo,(for signing the most sales up), she forgot to add the D&D Ins. in, then when we had to file on the Ins. she said it wasn't available, but it was now, How Convenient(SHE LIED). Now, I am totally disable and I have been turned down for the Disability Ins.

on the Wells Fargo Visa. They said I had to work at least 3 months before filing for my disability?

(Social Security Disability? )

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #44043

How heartless and irresponsible can a BANK or an employee be? I know now not to deal with this kind of Bank, it could have happened to me! I pray that this family has a BIG turn of luck, it looks they need it!!

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