My lovely home of seventeen years is up for a Sheriff's sale on October 3, 2007. My home. I pray Disaster Relief is made available immediately for families in crisis. For a record number of home owners, the American dream is currently a nightmare.

Wells Fargo dba American Servicing Company (ASC) hopes to take my home. The balance on my loan is very small, less than half of the home's appraised value. My mortgage payments are low, I can afford them, and I have always made them on time. My mind spins as I try to understand how something like this can happen. But the truth is nothing is for certain.

Last February, I received a letter from ASC. Effective immediately, my mortgage payment increased 200%! I called Customer Service and was told my payment increased due to a negative balance in my escrow account. I told them they didn’t escrow on the account, had never escrowed on the account, and I confirmed with them my monthly mortgage payment would not change. They told me I would receive a letter confirming the details we had discussed within 7 to 10 days.

I was to learn letters with good news never came. Somehow the letters threatening foreclosure were relentless. At first I tried to talk with the same employee who had promised me he had “noted everything in the record” and “he had discussed my account in detail with his supervisor to make sure all the problems on my loan had been fixed.” agent who just promised you all was taken care of arrived confirming assured me over and over and over, that yes, definitely this time, they had truly made the corrections I thought had already been made. And they definitely would be reinstating my loan, the one I thought had already been reinstated. I was always told I would receive a letter confirming all was well with my loan. But the promised confirmation letters never came.

November, ASC suddenly, without reason, began to escrow on my loan. They had never escrowed before. I didn’t receive any notification or indication that they planned to begin to escrow. But their error, and they do readily admit it was their error, was not But ASC paid two additional property tax property tax two more times, and paid the annual premium for home owners insurance. I always paid them monthly.

On August 14, I was told, again, my loan had been reinstated. While waiting again for another confirmation letter that never comes, I call them again. I I didn't contact anyone else for help because I didn't think I needed to. ASC was always so sorry after they didn't follow through on one of their promises. Then they reassured me all was well. I was very ***.

But ASC made an error, and that’s OK. But their error, and their inability to quickly correct their error, I might lose my home. My home was my savings account. And it was my retirement account. More important than anything, it was my security blanket. I am so very sad!

In 1990, WATERFIELD MORTGAGE CORP, honored me by approving my request for a mortgage loan. It’s difficult to comprehend how truly good something is until you experience something bad. I miss Waterfield Mortgage with all my heart.

I know help is coming soon for families facing foreclosure. God Bless anyone who helps someone keep their home.

Kelly L. Hansen

Overland Park, KS


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At a time when banks & companies were over burdened by handing out loans like candy I was buying my first home. I had contacted several lending companies to only have them take my info over the phone tell me what I would quali for & not follow through.

Wells *** was the only company take the time to return my calls & actually speak to me. The agent informed me that due to my resistance in having large quanties of charge cards with balances on all of them & my bad habit of actually paying off debits, it hurt my standing in getting a low intrest rate but promissed that with timely payments he would pay the aprox $850.00 refi fee in a year so I could lower the intrest rate. I was in a spot & needed to get fiananced so I could close on this house I found. I took the deal.

At no time was it disclosed to me that this was a variable intrest loan that could double at the end of two years. I had spent two months going over the draft loan papers having errors they made corrected. I discovered variable rate while reading through the papers at the signing. A year to the day I started searching for a refi, with a $8500.00 fee payed to Wells Fargo.

I was able to prevent my payments from doubling and got a rate that was .25% above prime (with my anti-credit card, debit paying poor rating).

I was one of the lucky few to excape the Wells Fargo *** with alot of work, scrambling & a friend. I won't outwardly say their agents lie due to laws & such but they are good at omitting & bending facts.

Jerry J

I understand your feelings about fees that banks charge re credit cards. In some states these delinquent interest rates, were what loansharks charged, and this very statement was made by a senator/or congressman when the credit card companies were called on the carpet last summer or fall for raising an up to date credit cards interest rate to a delinqunt interest rate, because the person was behind on a different credit card an outrageous practice.

After the congressional hearings most credit card companies have stopped this completely outrageous practice.

One thing here, though Turner, that is important. If you like the credit card company or not, by closing the account you lowered your credit score. Part of your credit score is based on available credit, so if you pay off an account, leave the account open, it will heighten your Fico score, showing you have additional borrowing power should you be behind on another card, you have the ability to transfer a balance, by closing accounts you cut yourself off from that additional availability of extra credit, and you lower your total point score. Pay off yes.

Close the account no. Source www.answersfordebt.com

My sympathies to the lady who had the problem with Wells Fargo. Please keep in mind all banks have a mortgage mitigation dept.

Most consumers do not know this and banks have complained to the media when people accuse banks of being insensitive about foreclosure that their depts were never contacted, and were willing to work something out. This is true to a certain degree, most consumers, do not even know about mortgage mitigation depts.


I had an old wells fargo credit card. After the predatory lending charges and fees were paid off and the card paid off we cancelled the account vowing NEVER to do business with Wells Fargo again.

Amtrust just sold my Mortgage to them. So now I am back in business with those *** BAGS.

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