Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
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Had a mortgage and loan through Wells Fargo in Canada.Refinanced with someone else and Well's received cheque for mortgage payout and loan payout.

Only applied it all on the mortgage which included the payout amount they indicated and then made up all kinds of late payment fees, document fees, etc. to eat up the rest that was to pay off the loan I had with them!! I personally never heard anything from them requesting any other money until recently a collection agency has been calling demanding I pay them money. I have refused to even answer the phone now and they can kiss ***.

The collection agency stated that I owed Well's Fargo X number of dollars and since I didn't pay they sent to collections. The amount they are requesting varies depending on which way the wind is blowing I guess because it has been anywhere from 3 thousand to 9 thousand??? I can't for the life of me understand how they think I am going to pay them anything. When I spoke with them the first time they called, I asked how the amount came to be what they are requesting and they refused saying they didn't have to show me anything....HA HA HA!!

Well If you don't prove to me that I owe anything, just keep phoning and harrassing me, then I will continue to tell you off Losers!!! Well's Fargo is Evil and I do not ever plan to return to them for one thin dime. I would beg in the streets before going to them again. I recommend to everyone I know to stay away from them.

The practices they use should and most likely are illegal but nobody in Government will do anyhting to shut these types of businesses down.

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