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Update by user Nov 05, 2012

As of the current time, WellsFargo has refunded the $12.50 the took. This covers one event. I remain semi-unsatisfied with what has occurred.

Update by user Nov 05, 2012

As of the current time, WellsFargo has refunded the $12.50 the took. This covers one event. I remain semi-unsatisfied with what has occurred.

Original review posted by user Oct 04, 2012

On October 02, 2012, I contacted Wells Fargo after my card was declined for the purchase of a $1.49 hotdog. I investigate this and discovered that Wells Fargo had cleaned out my account and assessed me a fee of $12.25 to do so. Basically, Wells Fargo charges ridiculous and abusive fees in exchange for their computer system being authorized to transfer funds from one account to another. They call this "Overdraft Protection." If questioned about this, they will tell you that you can cancel it but you would automatically assessed $35.00 overdraft fees even if there are enough funds to cover the charge in another account associated with the primary account.

I ask Wells Fargo to refund $12.25 back to my account and they refused. They said I could cancel the overdraft protection and get a refund of $6.00. This is little more than an insult. I was very upset and I began to research the situation. Apparently, Wells Fargo Bank has a proud history of stealing from their customers. I would agree with this statement because they have stolen money from me regularly since I began doing business with them. Their use of fees is nothing short of theft. With Wells Fargo, there is really no way to know what your "true balance" is because their systems provide a look at your balance at the moment.

Moreover, Wells Fargo will tell you that you can either pay them to transfer your funds from one account to another or you can pay them $35.00 in overdraft fees, which are assessed at their convenience, for not allowing them the right to charge ridiculous fees for their computer system to move fees from one account to another.

When posting information on sites just like this one, Wells Fargo employees frequently rudely respond to posts by ridiculing the poster. The last post I placed on here contained a response from a poster who nearly quoted me my account balance, while telling me all about Wells Fargo policies. This same poster told me to withdraw my funds from their bank and bury the money in my front yard. This type of attack is very common among far right-wing republicans who love money and hate people.

These attacks amounts t little more than a crude attempt by Wells Fargo to further attack somebody they have already victimized. As I have seen this in most of the posts about Wells Fargo, I can only assume this is a common, condoned corporate-sponsored retaliatory process.

I would advise anybody and everybody from doing business with Wells Fargo. They are a collection of corporate thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I posted a similar complaint about Wells Fargo and their ridiculous overdraft fees and was abrasively hit by two very angry bank trolls. They are the reason the economy is the way it is. They defend the real criminals!


banks made 1.77 billions dollars in over draft fees! They are not charging overdraft fees to teach people to be more responsible; they are charging fees because they make money off of vulnerable people! People who clearly can't afford a lawyer to fight these atrocities!



Ignore those haters. Just take solace in the fact Wells Fargo stripped their employees of their free will and turned them into soulless meat puppets beholden by their managers and higher ups. Pitiful result if you ask me.

Hit up a local bank or credit union. At least they're a *** of a lot more transparent about their policies than Wells Fargo is.



You're just another Wells Fargo drone. This site says you're from San Francisco. THAT IS WHERE WellsFargo HQ is located. WHAT A SHOCKING COINCIDENCE (No, not really.)

Wells Fargo has been idicted for Mortagage Fraud AGAIN. Yet more dishonesty from a bank known for being excessively greedy.

You're association with Wells Fargo makes you as bad as they are. You should be ashamed of yourself. It's people like YOU that caused the financial market to crash. It's people like YOU that caused the housing market to crash. It's people like YOU who made the decision to rape my account for a transfer fee (eventhough you're perfectly willing to transfer funds the other way for free once per month.)

You sir are a crook and a criminal. You belong in prison for the rest of your existence.


You complain about being charged a fee when you purchaed items and did not have fudns to cover it?!?! It is people like you that are the reason that banks charge excessive fees to begin with!!

All banks will charge an overdraft fee if you go in the hole.

Also, every major bank has on online system with apps for all phones. If you can't keep an account register to know "how much money you have" then you dont deserve a bank account, just live on cash and quit complaining!!



You're just another corporate drone. You have no soul and no will of your own. Your behavior here is dispicable. Your bank is dispicable, and their policies are dispicable.

Congratulations on being a sellout. Your are nothing more than a piece of equipment owned by Wells Fargo. Tell me... what's it like to be the bank's ***?

How often do they let you think for yourself? Do they have a brainwashing department that does your thinking for you?

Wake up and pull your head out of your ***. You're in the service of a bunch of criminals. If you don't, when they go down, you will sink with them, AND YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.


Hey leave my bank alone, you got an overdraft fee because you did not have 1.49 for your hotdog in your account, that is policy, you bounce a check, you get charged

they owe you nothing,and have had wells fargo for years, and if your gripe is legit, they listen, if you hate them so much, close your account and go to another bank, just wait and see if you bounce another check for 1.49 what they do, the same thing


If Wells Fargo could be trusted to provide and ACCURATE remaining balance, this issue would go away.

However, since Wells Fargo and Visa are working together to rape people, I do not see that happening.


Every bank charges overdraft fees. Don't spend money not in your checking account and your fine. If you must spend more money than in your account that is in another account do the transfer yourself beforehand.