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We read about all these terrible things for which Wells Fargo is being fined, and we just don't think about it if we don't bank with them. Then you realize that retirement account you inherited from your parents was with Wells Fargo.

You decide to close the retirement account because you don't want to remember to withdrawal the minimum distribution each year. That's where the fun begins, and three months later you still don't have the proceeds from that account. I was naive to think that such a large corporation would not engage in outright theft. After numerous forms changing hands and several phone calls, you realize they kept the liquidated assets from that account in a cash account instead of transferring it.

They never bothered to call or email and tell you why they disregarded your written request. Then you call and they keep telling you they sent a check without ever confirming this via email or on the website as they said they would. After three months I am waiting for the check, they drained the cash account and have provided no documentation that this is being sent to me. Today they told me that documentation would be available later today.

Taco Bell's on-line app provides updates faster and more accurately than that. As such, I am more likely to invest with Taco Bell than Wells Fargo in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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