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I was hired by Wells Fargo to Underwrite and Audit Mortgage Loans.

They fired me three times in three separate states

Illinois-Wrongful Termination, ADA Violations, Civil Rights Violations, refused my request for COBRA

Arizona- Fired me in a funeral home, by phone while selecting my dad's casket, two days after he died.

California- Pasadena Branch Manager Dean Harvey offered cash under the table to approve bad loans.

My civil rights were violated by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, I told Natasha Sears and Eileen Sotak at EEOC. They were kind enough to spend two years investigating my complaint; they found reasonable cause to believe my claims, ruled in my favor and issued a final determination.

During that investigation multiple civil rights violations were observed and noted by EEOC.

It is common and acceptable for Wells Fargo to discriminate and ignore the rights, privileges and entitlements afforded to minorities.

EEOC then gave a severely disabled individual, who sought protective and corrective actions the burden of dealing with their negligent actions. (ADA)

Eileen Sotak communicated recently that my file with them was destroyed, why would the government destroy evidence in a case investigating, and documenting racism, and discrimination?

She indicated that was protocol.

It is common and acceptable for Wells Fargo to discriminate and ignore the rights, privileges and entitlements afforded to minorities.

Eileen Sotak confirmed a problem and then destroyed the evidence.

I believe Ms. Natasha Sears and Eileen Sotak should be required to execute affidavits regarding their findings.

I believe that LA Superior Court was negligent and violated my right to privacy and confidentiality and knowingly allowed Tami Ohana and Edith Stern to continue with the racism that was common over the years.

I requested corrective actions and remedies.

I received no accommodations.

Edith and Tami screamed rape and now I am hanging from a tree.

I. Don Darryl

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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wells fargo laundered BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in drg money


Because I am like Dr. Martin Luther King and I have a dream Edith Stern and Tami Ohana had a problem with me, my race and my disability

Nice try Tami Ohana


996 F.Supp. 238 (1998)

Tami OHANA and Edith Stern, Plaintiffs,v.180 PROSPECT PLACE REALTY CORP.; Allan Fogelson; Richard Pilson; Ruth Jackson; and Gloria Phelps, Defendants.

No. 94-CV-5816 (FB).

United States District Court, E.D. New York.

March 11, 1998.

Tami Ohana and Edith Stern, Hollywood, CA, pro se.

Ruth Jackson, Brooklyn, NY, pro se.

Gloria Phelps, Brooklyn, NY, pro se.

Richard J. Pilson, Berliner & Pilson, New York City, for 180 Prospect Place Realty Co., Allan Fogelson and Richard Pilson


They are looking for a quick dollar and should be remanded. Edith Stern and Tami Ohana has used racial slurs at neighbors from New York to Los Angeles impossible that the courts allowed them to harass African American and people from the middle east as per the attached:


BLOCK, District Judge.

Plaintiffs Tami Ohana and Edith Stern, pro se, commenced this action against, inter alia, Ruth Jackson ("Jackson") and Gloria Phelps ("Phelps"), seeking monetary damages against these defendants for their alleged interference with plaintiffs' rights under § 3617 of the Fair Housing Act, 42 U.S.C. § 3601 et seq. ("FHA"), and an implementing regulation, 24 C.F.R. § 100.400. Presently before the Court are Jackson's and Phelps' motions to dismiss plaintiffs' complaint, as amended, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6), for failure to state a claim. The Court denies their motions. In so doing, the Court holds that the FHA not only protects individuals from discrimination in the acquisition of their residences because of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin, but also protects them from interference by their neighbors for such discriminatory reasons in the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.


Plaintiffs' amended complaint alleges the following pertinent facts: On December 12, 1991, plaintiffs moved into Apartment 4D at 170 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, New York.1 From that day forward, until they moved out the following December, Jackson and Phelps, their not-too-friendly neighbors, engaged in a series of discriminatory acts against them based upon plaintiffs' race (Hebrew), religion (Jewish), and national origin (Middle Eastern).2

These acts took the form of racial and anti-Jewish slurs and epithets, threats of bodily harm, and noise disturbances. For example, on the day after plaintiffs moved in, Phelps "stalked plaintiffs in front of their [apartment] door and said she is `unhappy that whites moved next door.'" On another occasion, Jackson "yelled loudly `I'll have the motherf — ker Jews out.' " At times, Phelps and Jackson also banged on walls and hammered late at night while shouting their slurs and epithets. Specifically, on at least two occasions, Jackson "hammer[ed] loudly while hollering `Jews move,' [at] around 2:00 a.m. and 2:30 a.m., startling [plaintiffs] awake." On another occasion, Jackson "forced herself into [plaintiffs'] apartment and put her fist in plaintiff Stern's face saying she had `already hit the landlord.'" In another incident, Jackson "accosted plaintiff Stern in the hall ... and shouted at plaintiff Stern that `she was not black enough to live in the building' and that she'll `send an Arab to kill her.'"

Visitors to Jackson's and Phelps' apartments participated in this type of abusive activity. For example, plaintiffs allege that "defendant Jackson with other tenants from 170 Prospect Pl., and visitors to her Apt. (# 3D) directed threats of bodily harm and anti-Jewish epithets at plaintiffs, intentionally done during the Jewish holiday of Purim."


Dr. Satter’s second book, Family Properties: Race, Real Estate, and the Exploitation of Black Urban America (Metropolitan Books, 2009), won the Liberty Legacy Award in Civil Rights History and the National Jewish Book Award in History, and was a finalist for the J.

Anthony Lukas Book Prize and the Ron Ridenhouer Book Prize. It told the story of Dr. Satter's father, attorney Mark J. Satter, who fought exploitative, racially based real estate speculation in Chicago, and the many community activists who continued this battle after Mark Satter's death.

In the late 1960s these activists formed an organization, the Contract Buyers League (CBL), which consisted of African-American residents of Chicago's West and South Sides. The CBL fought redlining as well as the state and federal laws that enabled racially biased credit policies to flourish. Their efforts ultimately culminated in the passage of two landmark pieces of federal legislation in the 1970s -- the Community Reinvestment Act and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. One part of the story of this mid-twentieth-century battle against housing exploitation is presented in Dr.

Satter's article "'Our greatest moments of glory have been fighting the institutions we love the most': the Rise and Fall of Chicago's Interreligious Council on Urban Affairs, 1958-1969," U.S. Catholic Historian 22:2 (Spring 2004): 33-44.


I would like to suggest a book "Family Properties" by Beryl Satter.

I was born in Chicago and can say its true I remember everything.



Edith Stern was my next door neighbor. The liquor store opened at 7am by 8am Edith Stern was sloppy drunk and terrorizing the building screamimg ***. Tami Ohana did not live in the building but would visit to scream ***. My witnesses would include Al,Elvis,Mae, building manager mr sing and Dale. Like Dr. Martin Luther King I have a dream.

Darryl Grayson

Darryl Grayson & Associates



Mr Darryl the derelict. you are not a victim but a sick DELUSIONAL drug dealer who pretends to be a loan officer.

You also go out there and threatens to infect people with Aids, rape or sodomize them? You are a sick loathsome low life *** who had targeted Edith with racial slurs, sexual threats and lewd conduct. I'll continue to persue you in court on behalf of Edith your victim and others.

The restraining order against you is permanent and still in effect, you are in violation of the order by harrasing Edith and myself with your nonsense posts. You were prev admitted to a Psych ward, bec of your pattern of violent delusional behaviour, and I would recommend that you be remanded.


I work for Wells Fargo and I have seen so many people get fired for no reason and people that should get fired protected for no reason. I have seen some fight back however and call HR.

They had their jobs back the next day.

Who wants to work for a company that wants you gone though? It's all about the corruption in upper management and the fact the coperate doesn't give two bits about the average consumer.


just got fired today... no reason.

No pper management or HR in the room. Who knows it's probably all a scam so i dont get unemployment


Email: Darryl Grayson


Darryl Grayson & Associates


Homeowners needing help call me. I am the underriter, auditor and author for this posting.

Darryl Grayson

Darryl Grayson & Associates, LLC



I am going through the same thing with WF. I applied for a loan modification that was supposed to take 30-45 days.

It has been 5 months and they made an offer of lowering my payment $100.00, which does not help me. The CSR on the phone, sid to write a new hardship letter and not to sign the "offer".

I did that, and now get a letter saying that my modification is closed and they can not help me. At a loss for what to do next or who to contact for help.


P.S. If you are a homeowner who has lost their home to foreclosure, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now your damages are treble (times 3). Contact me ASAP at the steve@endlessfrauddetection.com

NEVER sign away your right to sue. NEVER short sale when you can sue.

Never modify fraud when you can sue. NEVER refinance fraud when you can sue.


I. Don Darryl,


Endless Fraud Detection STOPS Foreclosure, and Forcible Detainer (Eviction Notice) and puts homeowners in position to SUE the mortgage company for FRAUD!!!

We provide our clients with the results of a Forensic Mortgage, QWR/Notice and Demand Of Rescission, and Litigation Paperwork (including Original Complaint, Causes of Action, and Prayer For Relief. That's the law suit itself). I need any contact information you might have for the homeowners you have worked with while at Wells Fargo. I want to see Wells Fargo shut down and all chief executives in prison for life without chance for parole.

We need to contact EVERY homeowner who signed a mortgage between the years 2001-2008. Our market research show that thus far EVERY mortgage WITHOUT EXCEPTION in that time frame was fraudulent. A forensic audit will tell us to what degree the homeowner was defrauded.

We can help. Again PLEASE contact me at steve@endlessfrauddetection.com RIGHT NOW!!!

Thank you,

Steve Skidmore

CCO Endless Fraud Detection Services


At of concern for the above comments about the people who were harassed and forced from their homes because they thought it was the right thing to do I have to submit this comment. It has REALLY bothered me since I read it yesterday.

I worked collections for 3.5 years and it's all a game. People will give you 'auction dates' or say 'someone will be at your house then to collect data for resale value' and on and on and on - ESPECIALLY from NOVEMBER TO FEBRUARY! The collectors are beaten to the group about making their 'corporate' numbers and are allowed to threat whatever possible to make that happen. If someone says 'Okay, you can talk to my supervisor' they are LITERALLY handing the phone to the collector beside them to reinforce the treat they just said to you.

Please remember that a company will never reposses (cars) or foreclose (on homes) unless they have absolutely no other options. They will throw deferements at you to help bring you current and they will state the deferement is the % rate for the two months being pushed packed to the end of the loan (they can lower these $$ until they're under $50) - they will tell you that they're coming to get your car that night or that an auction date has been set to sale your house, etc etc. IT'S ALL A GAME - THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO HIT THEIR NUMBERS IN ORDER NOT TO BE FIRED! Unless you have your own personal exit plan, you don't need to talk to them. If they say, you're credit is going to be ruined - then whoopie *** doo! Who cares! Seriously!

I promise ALL OF YOU, it's a game that management hammers down on the reps as you work those 56 hours a week.

One method to get the calls to stop which I'm not seeing that method used here is a 'Cease and Desist' letter and if they EVER call you again at the numbers listed on that letter, well my friend, you get to sue their *** free and clear. Get the fax number or address to send in this letter - ALWAYS MAIL IN CERTIFIED WITH RETURN RECEIPT so that you have proof. Life is so hard right now - we're all drowning - don't let me them finish you off! Remember Feb 2010 you've got 8 MONTHS that those *** have to work with you! As for the reps that are 'rude' - I've been there and trust me, you'd be rude too if you have a manager screaming at you constantly. - Good Luck Everybody!


:( I am an independant contractor and tore my shoulder up in April. I ran out of money in September, tried to go back to work after surgery in October and reinjured myself casuing a second surgery.

I told these dirt bags the story and they continued to call fro 8am until 9pm every day. Each time I gave them the same story. I signed up for Cons credit couns to help manage the debts and told them about it. They continue calling and I continue telling them I can't pay until January.

The last collection call, the female dog called me all kinds of names.

If I had the g'd' money I would make a payment. I wouldn't go to them again/


Wells Fargo foreclosed on my home with no warning to the point a real estate agent came to my home wanting to know when were moving.They hired a low down and dirty law firm in Birmingham, al and in less than two weeks we were out and the House was resold.If anyone wants to file a class action law suit against them Im in!!!


am in one of their repayment programs.....there is no grace period for payments like there is on your regular mortgage.....you have to reapply if your payment is late.....but what really makes me feel taken advantage of is that they continue to charge me a late fee each month on my mortgage payment.....even tho my "program" payment is on time.....customer service says that it's company policy.....they also periodically send a company out to make sure I haven't abandoned the property and charge me a fee for that also.....the last time they did that the individual actually vandelized the property.....broke a window fixture so could get a better look inside.....wells fargo said "not their problem".


They are starting new tricks... now they wont take international checks into an account unless they go thru collection agency that gets the funds for you at a rate of from 25 to 55 per check!

Also, they reversed two numbers in an account that was paying off a loan and as a result $1000 was added to the loan due to the 4 months it took them to straighten it out.

they never paid me back.... but they sure got their fees!


I also have run into a mortgage mess with Hells Fargo. I have tried for over 18 months to work with them.

I have never, let me repeat, never spoken with the same person twice. The first thing they did was set me up on a repayment program. They make this seem like this is the ONLY option. When you agree to this, becuase that is all there is, they bump your payment up several hundred dollars a month.

Heck, if I could afford the monthly payment in the first place I wouldn't be in this mess and now they are bumping up my payment. When I defaulted on the repayment agreement, then they mentioned a loan modification program. I submitted paperwork 5 different times for this process. The first time I was denied becuase they said there were no phone numbers on the papers and they could not reach me, even though they continued to call me nightly to get my monthly payment.

The next two times I had to resubmit the paperwork becuase it was past the 30 days they "require" to have all of the paperwork current. WF didn't even look at the file til after the 30 days so nothing would EVER be current. Then I submitted one time and they stated they didn't receive it even though I had a fax receipt. The last time they said that I had not signed EVERY page.

Every time it was a different excuse from the prior time. The next thing Wells did was they paid my taxes 30 days early and then paid them two years out and came back to me and and expected me to tack on to mortgage the difference in 12 months, adding another $700 dollars onto the monthly payment. They almost doubled my payment in less than 3 months. There was NO WAY I could maintain it.

WF OWNS like 2 million home in this counrty from foreclosures. I have no idea why they would want any more when the people on this website are trying to work with them.

They are a scam.

They have our taxpayer money and have come back and screw the taxpayer again. I have taken every account I have away from WF, unfortunately this mortgage was sold to them and now look at where I am, on the *** of foreclosure.