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Recently, I found that I had fraudulent spending on my account. I called in to the fraud department and made a claim. The representative sent me in the mail a document to fill out entitled "statement of disputed check card item(s)" in which I was to write down the disputed charges.

In order to write down these items, I would need to view past statements, which is now impossible, because they closed my account (apparently this is standard for online banking customers). The only way to view is to have them sent to me, for a FEE. They are essentially making me pay money to prove that It was not me that made the charges....

Now, since the account went negative, they closed it, without telling me the account holder. Now one would think that the fraud department would work closely with the overdraft department due to the fact that many fraud cases make accounts go negative, however this is not the case. I have heard now from several managers that the departments DO NOT TALK TO ONE ANOTHER, do not share information, and are in effect separate entities. This is terrible business practice.

Since my account was deleted without my knowledge, my direct deposit (paycheck) was not "accepted" because it was sent to a now non existent account! What can they do for me? Put the check into a holding account, then wait several days to see if it can be re routed to my savings, or if it will be kicked back to my company, there is NO physical person working for Wells Fargo which can tell what the outcome will be. It is a role of the dice whether the transfer will work or whether the check will be kicked back.

So, they deleted my account, did not notify me, caused my paycheck to get thrown into limbo, then charged me to prove fraud on my account, despite the fact that I should have fraud protection. During this whole mess I had many employees speak authoritatively on subjects in which they had no first hand knowledge, and so essentially made up protocol and told me "this is how it is" only to speak to a supervisor later to find out that what I had been told was wholly incorrect.

It is a business fact that it takes 10 times more money to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer happy. I will make it my personal project to derail as many potential customers as possible from this company. They are deceitful, ignorant of their own business practice, speak with authority on issues in which they have no real knowledge, have a business structure in which related departments essentially have no communication with each other acting as separate enterprise, causing incredible confusion when an issue affects both departments.

I have never in all my years dealt with such an irresponsible company, terrible customer service, or ignorance of internal practice.

Review about: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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