Houston, Texas
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"We did everything we were supposed to do. All this had been going on for two years. Nobody has communicated with us, notified us. We had been paying our mortgage and everything," Brian said.

For the next year and a half, the couple tried to work out a solution.

Then came the notice of foreclosure from Wells Fargo.

According to Brian, Wells Fargo told him that because of fees and late charges, the cost NOW to purchase their home had gone up from $130,000 to $170,000.

The Pyrons say they can't afford that price.

Well Fargo admitted this is a difficult situation.

Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/110926-family-hit-by-surprise-foreclosure#ixzz1gO8Gd8KD follow link:http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/110926-family-hit-by-surprise-foreclosure

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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I apologize if my comments seam a bit wordy! I was a bit bored.

I really do support U in this fight. I am not of the legal pro. but I do undersand retainers. Pro Bono is also in my working vocab.

To all who seek legl advice if ever u find urself being overwhelmed by prospective legal fees without even a hint of an attemt to quantify or interest in ur discomfort/ FEAR then my advice is "Thank U Mr. Councelor" proceed to the exit, which u should have made self aware of to begin, without looking at them if fear becomes anger and forget the meeting and the long wait in the comforting chair.

All sarcasm aside (my best advice recieved from trust group lately)

U need not to convince me of the evil empire U R facing. I am aware exactly of this group. Fortunately though I was able to see that other sources of help were avail.

and that heaven is avail. sometmes we R offeredsamples not enough to know what it tastes like but just nuff to know it is real and hopefull begin with a down payment


Oh man my anger at these free ride cowboys never ends! If U trust in ur honor and integrity U will continue to fight!

It doesn't have to be the Alamo or OK Corrall. U dont have to enlist Davee Crockett or Wyatt Earp. (bet ur *** I'd hear them out if they were around. I ain't got $10000).

I was born in a free country. AS far back as i recall Ive been told that the most popular american dream is not a dream at all but a reality. I am conrinually appalled at the increasing practice of ends justifying means concept that follows greed. It doesnt matter to me that U nurtured faith in a foxhole or u were destined for the pulpit or some evil old sinner at last aware that all ur ill symptoms were caused by the disease of ignorance.( which i have come to realize is not cureable; as a believer in scientific methodin all disclines my current observation of said disease theory is that of life long struggle.

my current (unproffessional advice) consists of compassion, regular listening to the honest, innocent, and intelligent theoriesand occassional facts of the trusted and respected. truly though it is my intent to help and that starting with believing in something greater than ones self. Also dont U *** MISS Quote me Faith is not the same as religion. If u think u r religious or dont know how to begn healing.

U may have a condition which only allows u to find help from others that r only like u r. Which finnally brings me to the point! My wife of nearly20 years thru scientific observation is definately not my other half but is in fact the most effective method of discovering my better half. I once wished i had help in finding my conscience sooner but grateful that it wasn't longer.

dont be slow like me find same and diff in everyone U can. PSS this lady i last mentioned truly makes friends more and faster than anyone I know and she is proof that caring and helping and seeking help

is the only path to what i have heard others term as Karma!

Yes dammit I do believe it but then again I am human . Although Scientifically speaking I might be demented?


The Pyron family is definately being victimized by Wells Fargo and will prevail in court. Of course Wells Fargo will try to make their lives financially miserable to discourage them from obtaining a lawyer and going to court. A high caliber lawyer should take their case pro bono and let them have a merry christmas.


PS @Sad sac, U obviously don't need an advocate, R U a tough guy who shouts louder than Ur opponent?


@ So sad, Brian is obviously aware of Ur reading comprehension skill level ( not) He feels compelled to tell U things twice. Or perhaps he is an obssessive compulsive type person wh carries carbon copy. Dont read too far into it friend!


"So sad" must have a learning disability. And thats sad.


"So sad" must have a learning disability.


the family did write their own complaint and follow the attached link for the fox news story on it. The family was making their payments.


Why couldn't the family write the complaint themselves? They must not care too much if they can't even write their own complaint.

Furthermore I can't feel sorry for a family that for one can't even write their own complaint and two doesn't want to pay their mortgage. Don't buy something you can't afford or get evicted like everyone else who doesn't pay their mortgage.