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Lord, where do I even start???

Lack of consistency: I've had money wired to me numerous times and WF has no consistency. One time it will come through within minutes, the next time it might take a full day and it's BS. Same person, same bank, funds are always good. It's also BS that they run transactions through with the largest first so that you incur as many NSF as possible, and, no, I don't get NSF fines bc I don't keep up with my balance.

My life insurance comes out automatically and the last SIX TIMES I've gone through the ATM to deposit the cash to cover it, the ATM said "service unavailable at this time". I work 2 jobs and evenings are the only time I can deposit, so going to a teller isn't an option for me. As a result, I had NSF hit my account and do you know what WF customer service said to me when I called to complain?? They said they had no way of knowing if I was telling the truth and refused to remove the fee! So, not only do you refuse to take back the fee I never should have gotten, you call me a liar, to boot? Nice! Now I take a picture of the damned thing bc it happens all the time, whether I go through at 10pm or 2am. There is no rhyme or reason.

In the last six months, WF has made over $200 in fees that they charge for a wire transfer, but you're going to nickel and dime me to death with NSF *** as well bc YOUR EQUIPMENT DOESNT WORK AS IT SHOULD?

While attempting to talk to another service person, the woman cut me off mid sentence and told me to "get to the point". Seriously?

I have been with WF for years and never had an NSF. Since they refused to remove the fee, I asked if they would credit it back as a courtesy since I'd never had one ... My last bank, a small, local bank would credit you if you hadn't had one in the prior six month period. But, WF, a multi million dollar bank? They won't do it and don't offer anything like that bc they're greedy and don't give a *** about their customers. As soon as I have a day off, hopefully 3 weeks from now, I'm closing this crappy account and my savings and investment accounts abd going to ANYONE except these rude, profit driven thieves. Oh, and another thing... They charge account holders TEN DOLLARS FOR a cashiers check. Are you kidding me? Ten bucks to print out a piece of paper with my money from my account??? And $5 for a money order. You can get money orders from Walmart or the post office for less than a dollar but I'm stuck when I have to have a cashiers check. WF, your customer service people are rude, barely speak English, and most of them are clueless about your policies... Maybe spend a little more time training them? And your policies are antiquated, unfair and profit driven. You care nothing about the people who make it possible for your branches to stay open and you make more money THAN ANY OTHER BANK on NSF ***, but you refuse to help your customers out when it's something that's not even their fault! I would rather bury coffee cans in the back yard than to deal with your BS. Can't WAIT to close my accounts.

Review about: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, United States #887790

we need to find others with same situation and file a lawsuit, they are holding checks and debits until the account are low enough then they send all pending transactions at once hitting us w a 35$ NSF for everything over, they are robbing us americans and getting away with it, I average 280$ a month in NSF fees.

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