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I have been a Wells Fargo customer for some time now and yesterday I

experienced some of the most unprofessionalism I have ever experienced

at a Wells Fargo.

The unprofessional-ism over at the Wells Fargo on 5699 Oakland Park

BLVD was unbelievably bad, from the Teller I had name Tanneshia or

Tannesha Wiggins to the Manager of the Bank name Johan

Check this out, I go in to withdraw money, give my information,

temporary drivers license(cause I am waiting for my new one to get

delivered to me),and my expired Temporary WF ATM card and before this

Tanneshia or Tannesha even checks my account, she says " We dont

accept this as ID ". Now this understand I dont run into this problem

with other Wells Fargo, but her demeanor and attitude alone rubbed me

the wrong way, but to dismiss me in the manner she did was

unacceptable. I explained to her that the reason why my ATM card was

expired was because I was waiting for Wells Fargo to send me the new

one(there was a mix up with sending me the card and my temporary one

expired in the process), but my temporary driver's license was more

than good enough at all other Wells Fargo banks so what was the


She rudely told me they dont accept my temp license as ID(which is not

true but she this particular teller doesn't seem to know what she is

doing) and handed it back to me. I asked to speak to a manager and

she babble and tried to duck around it insinuating that the Manager

wasn't available. I asked her, "ARE YOU TELLING ME THERE IS NO


SIR". When I pressed the situation she took my temp drivers license

and walked around to some office with a clear window(This is where the

Manager Johan comes into play). The Manager Johan was on the phone,

but she was talking to him and another guy in the office, I couldn't

hear them but she was showing them my license and I could see them

chuckling about it.

This Johan character then went back to his desk, didn't have the

courtesy to either walk up to me to explain the situation or point to

me to have me come into the office to explain the situation at all.

At the time I had no idea what was going on. Then this Tanneshia or

Tannesha Wiggins teller leaves the office, goes into some other room

and doesnt come back to address me or let me know whats going on for a

8-10 minutes. How Rude!!! What the heck is wrong with this people?

They have my money, I am looking to withdraw it, and they act as if

they are doing me a favor.

Finally the teller comes back to tell me that she just finished

speaking to a female manager(she referred the manager as as a she so

that is why I know she was female) in the back room and she said "no

we can't help you". I asked to speak to this female manager and was

told " she is out to lunch ". I said " how did you just speak to her

if she is out to lunch? " She said "The Manager is in the back room

having lunch and doesn't want to be disturbed"

CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE??? I asked to speak to the Johan

Manager and was left sitting there another 10-15 min. while he

pretended I wasn't there and was joking around with someone on the

phone(my girlfriend and I could see him laughing it up with someone on

the phone) all the while some other guy who works at the bank kept

telling me..."Johan is just finishing up with someone and will get to

you soon". This guy must have come to tell me that about 3 times.

They are located at this address:




Phone: 954-467-5361

I left that location and went to another Wells Fargo where they

clearly know what the heck they are doing. Told them about what

happened to me at the Wells Fargo on 5699 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD and they

were in shock. The whole experienced resulted in my gf and I being

late for a function, and basically wasting gas since the function was

close to the Wells Fargo on 5699 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD so I had to go to

another one which was about 3-5 miles away and then drive the 3-5

miles back over.

These people at the INVERRARY FALLS Wells Fargo location were

pathetic, unprofessional, and need to be retrained. I saw a whole

bunch of other things there from some of the other tellers that I

wasin't impressed with, but that would take up another 10 paragraphs.

If you want to do your banking, and you are a Wells Fargo customer,

DO NOT DO IT at the Inverrary Falls location on

5699 West OAKLAND PARK BLVD, LAUDERHILL, FL, 33313. They are

ridiculous, pathetic, basically amateurs. - posts your complaints for your convenience

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