Denver, Colorado
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I purchased a 2005 chrysley pt cruiser from a carlot in colo,

When i started the loan it was financed through wachovia dealership,things were going great never late never a problem working with them,Had to spend a small fortune on repairs they were great,One time they placed my final payment at the end of long on a one month extention,because of repair i was short on payment,i thoughtthis was very helpful,and figured it would just give me one extra payment when i was suppossed to be done.They went under and well fargo took over the loan,noone asked me,nor was i informed so i could possibly get other financing,Ever since they took over i,m told your behind a payment,I would send them two,then a mo later i,d be called up until ten at night "YOU OWE US ANOTHER PAYMENT !!" your late were gonna repo ur car So i once again would send a double two mos later same story,

Sent them 1200.00 one time week later they called again harrassing me asking for those late payments again that I had paid,Mind you this is one freaking payment that was to be extened to the end of my loan,I keep paying they keep calling,I want to run this car off a mountain top and total it !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

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