Asheville, North Carolina

I am a WF employee. I hate that I have to try to sell something to every customer that walks in the door.

We used to pride ourselves on customer service at Wachovia but that has totally changed. I'm sorry I have to stay after work and call customers while they eat dinner. These are not employee choice but we are forced to do these things. I know customers hate us but we have no choice.

Everyone is closing their accounts and I don't blame them. I have never felt so ashamed to work anywhere in my life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

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Wachovia was great at customer service. Maybe you should restart a bank with service like that so people that used to get great service with Wachovia will have somewhere to go. Wells Fargo is poo that has no CS.


you know, what suprises me is that Warren Buffet expects Wells Fargo stocks to grow massively in the next few years. You see all these complaints on here and you just wonder how that could be possible.

I used to work for WF too (see a few threads down "I used to be a hustler for Wells Fargo).

So on today's news, it says that WikiLeaks is about to lay out some news on a major US bank that will shake the foundations of the company. I have my fingers crossed hoping that it's Wells Fargo.