Parker, Colorado
Not resolved

I was charged a $10 monthly service fee that I should have never been charged. Wells Fargo uses very broad wording and provides false information to customers on how to waive the monthly service fee in order to generate more business.

Even though I technically met all the requirements listed online and in the information packet for waiving the service fee, I was still charged one. I tried emailing and calling Wells Fargo to resolve the issue and my argument was simply dismissed because my payments do not qualify for fee waiver. If that was the case, then exceptions should be listed. Seeming as how debit card "payments" was the terminology used and I had the qualifying number of payments according to the dictionary definition, a fee should have never been charged.

On top of that, the supervisor I spoke to was very condescending and rude. I am so disappointed not only in how misleading the information I received from Wells Fargo was, but also in the way that I was treated.

I am so fed up with Wells Fargo and their shady business practices. I am truly sorry that I ever opened an account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $10.

  • service fee
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