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I walked into the CoonRapids,Mn branch to get a 3mos the time there was only 3 people ahead of me. I waited a rediculous 45min to 1hr and watch the 3 before me and 4 people who came after get service by a Banker.

A woman then walks in and within 5 min she was approach buy the same greeter guy that told me to have a sit..he told her that a Banker was assign to help her. I confronted the guy and explain my wait time..he told me I would be service AFTER her. Irate, I told him how long ive been waiting and what order I should have been was on their list. He still insist I would be hel after the woman.

I hate to pull the RACE card, but I was the only minority in the group that was waiting for a Banker.

The COON RAPIDS branch really needs to be retrain in proper customer service. It was a Horrible experience to be made to feel like a second class citizen.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Happens.all the time. Racism is still ugly and alive in America.

Especially if you live in some of the so called "nicer" areas. Why when my $ is green I cant go to a clean safe area to do shopping, banking etc....? It really isnt MY fault that some areas are not kept up and that certain ppl believe "we" should stay in " our" areas. Worse.

If you live in a nice area certain ppl assume that you are a visitor. Haters everywhere.

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