Fort Collins, Colorado

To start, I am a poor college student hanging on a thin string financially. Wells fargo saw it a point to bankrupt me in one fell swoop.

After renting seven redbox movies over 17 days not one had showed up as charged to my account or pending. However the day a late check overdrafts my account, they see an opportunity and finally charge me for two weeks of redbox movies each with a seperate 35 dollar overdraft fee. So $7.07 ends up costing me $255.00 all cause a conveniently timed drop of two-week long pending charges. Of course as a financial instutuion they can charge me whatever they deem appropriate for an overdraft, but it is hardly appropriate.

As for why the pending charges took two weeks to drop and did so only after my account was overdrawn by a few dollars....well they had no answers or sympathy for me. Just pleased to take my two week paycheck based on some fine print.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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No one cares.... I love how idiots try to pad out lame complaints with irrelevant details such as a poor college student etc.....

You clearly aren't too broke if you're renting non-essentials such as videos.

What an entitled Jelly. This is all on YOU.


Wells Fargo is lying. The current problem with the servers, online & mobile banking did not just happen 2/07/2019.

This has been ongoing for two weeks now. Screw Wells Fargo I will take my business elsewhere.


Sorry Julia, not true. I used to work for Wells Fargo (quit last month) and they hold onto their fee income like its their last dollar. We have meetings on how to overcome customer objections and how to avoid having to waive fees. It doesn't matter if you're the nicest person or outrageously angry, the likeliness of waiving fees is very minimal.

As for the little guy, you rented 7 redbox dvds and kept them for nearly three weeks (correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe you don't understand how redbox works. They charge you $1 per day for the dvd, but they won't charge it until you return it. That way if you kept it for 2 days they won't have to go back in and doing a seperate transaction (or in your case, 7X 17 = 119 transactions, which in your case would incure that many $35 charges). Lucky for you they charged it at once and you only had 2 overdraft fees. Wells Fargo doesn't decide when to charge your account, it's when the vendor (Redbox) decides to.

So as a future reference, many times when you make purchases with your debit card, it may take some time to reflect (I've seen immediately to up to 2 weeks). This is based solely on the vendor's discretion on when they decide to collect. Sorry for your misfortunes. I hate that place as much as you do.

If you are not a repeat overdrafter, one hidden secret is calling the 24-hour call center. They are usually a bit more lenient on fees. Good luck.


I had something similar happen at Wells Fargo and I made an appointment with a personal banker and he reversed all the overdraft fees on the account, which were hefty. Make nice with the staff and you will never pay those fees.