they keep advertising on everything "WE CAN HELP YOU, JUST CALL US" we have a disable daughter and had no insurance. her medicine was $1500 per month so we had to be creative in our finances and pay our mortgage on the last day of the month for a long time and yes we did pay the late fees as well.

after the 15th they call us 9 to 14 times a day for payment and every time they call and we answer the person is a different person whom either doesn't speak english, or is just rude and nasty and its always the same questions and then we have to exlain our story each and every time to a different person and they say okay we will mak the file. again the next day same story same scenario. we a have called and asked for help 21 times in two years only to be told you don't qualify, we can't help you. I call for help and get transferred, lost, sent to different depts, loss mitigation, collections, modifications, and customer service who are not even capable of holdiing a decent conversation.

I went online and checked what my payoff would be an a loan office called me back and after talking to him and explaining the situation including how bad his company was and how he could no longer help me because I am filing bankruptcy he informs me never to call the wells fargo 1800 number because they are just a bunch of *** templs paid to answer the phones and nothing else. if you want service come into the bank and talk to a real live person. could have freakin told me this sooner so I didn't have to file bankruptcy-my credit was100% when I needed help, now that I let everything go just to pay wells fargo on time every month I had to do this because they couldn't help me when they advertise they could. this company is so full of bs that it thinks it cannot be touch.

I have documentation and have contacted an attorney who is gathering up cases for a class action lawsuit. I don't care if I get any money, I just care that they do the right thing and help people out like they advertise.....stop worshiping the almighty buck and get some morals and help your customers out, afterall we pay your salaries so you can pay your mortgage.

part of my family worked for wells fargo and quit because of the practices that you were trying to teach them to do to people. this company is just the pimp and we are their whores.

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