Charleston, West Virginia

I was told by a WF representative that I have until 8 PM Pacific to cover any overdraft on any day. Between 2-4 AM today (Tuesday), or so I was told my Lina, another WF representative in Birmingham, two checks cleared, causing overdraft.

Now given what the first representative told me, I should have until 8 PM tonight to transfer money to cover the overdraft. They charged me $35 for each, plus $35 for an online transfer out of my checking account I made myself, on Sunday! I would never intentionally overdraft my account online; in fact, online banking should never allow me to do that. I had the funds in the account when I transfered them out.

As it turns out, the representative I spoke with, who told me I would have until 8 PM on any day to cover an overdraft, gave me misleading and/or incomplete information. Did they refund the charges, because they had given me misleading information? Amber at WF (Birmingham) agreed to remove the fees for the checks that cleared early this morning but still charged me $17.50. In essence, I paid a fee to transfer money that online banking showed was available in my account at the time.

This is a system that potentially lures you into making a tranfer, because it shows available funds, when in fact, they alone hold information to the contrary. Amber just told me on the phone, "You can't completely rely on online banking." This is what WF's representative has to say about their own online banking system.

It's true, you can't. I would add, you quite possibly can't completely rely on what WF's representatives tell you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

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