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I bought furniture at room store for $3000.00 which was charged to wells Fargo room store account and a GE account with 0% for the life of the 1500.00 on each card. I have made payments to each card every month on time.

My GE card now has 50.00 remaining and my Wells Fargo account had 951.00 remaining. (???)

I called Wells Fargo and was informed oh,a couple of months ago, three of my payments were returned NSF. Turns out that when I changed bank accounts and informed Wells on the new checking account #, they had never switched over my new account information. Instead of telling me about the NSF charges that they were STILL trying to get from my old account, they were also accepting the automatic payments from my new checking account.

So it turned out that my monthly payments were only paying for the NSF fees. Once I figured out what they were doing for FOUR MONTHS, I asked the call center supervisor why I was not notified. He advised me it was my responsibility to make sure my information was correct not Wells Fargo. I told him to go *** himself and paid the whole account in full right there on the spot.

I was assured I would never have to deal with them again. That was in Jan 09. Today, April 20Th, I get a letter in the bank from Wells Fargo stating that I owed them 90.00 for unpaid NSF fees back in Jan of 09.

Again they are doing the same thing!!!! Never open a Room store account with Wells Fargo!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Oh, so you don't like it when someone else assumes something about you and calls you names, yet you seem comfortable treating others that way. Again-you aren't reading the post and nor do I care-I wrote this to give a heads up regarding the behavior I experienced.

I refuse to continue with this trade off of insults with you. If you don't like the subject, then stop reading the post. And as for asking me how it feels to be so ***..I dunno I haven't put myself in your shoes. I'm thinking the view cannot be great if you continue to go to a post and insult people to get out your passive-aggressive behavior.

We get it...YOUR perfect. It's your world, we are all justhere to learn from you how to be perfect people.


To Xguccigrl:

You're the loser that can't keep track of her bank accounts and make the payments on time. You're the *** for not making sure everything was in order. How does it feel to be so ***?


Uh Sally..No it is not my fault. Again, they were using my correct account number for the payments, but using the old account number for my NSF fees that HAD ALREADY been paid when I paid the account in full.

Also, automatic payments are offered by Wells Fargo as an incentive for the 0% rate.

You should read the post fully before you judge someone by calling them an ***. Now adjust you Wells Fargo name tag and answer some calls at their collections call center that you work for...Loser.


automatic payments is just asking to be scammed. By the way sally, which public relations firm do you work for?


I will never set an automatic payment. Automatic payments only benefit the banks, for one there are no physical evidence linking to a payment.

Use the old fashion way, please write a check for each payment. Banks do not like customers to write checks, becasue it cost them money, and the customers have no prove of payments.

Please help yourself by writing a check for each payment, and make sure your payment is posted in a timely manner. Please accept my advises, becasue I used to work for the banking business.