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ATM cards are a great way for Wells Fargo Bank to rip off their customers they do not have a policy for protecting their customers from overdrawing their account when using a ATM card. I was charge 210.00 in overdraft fees in which they could do nothing about.I work my butt off to stay afloat in this economy and I didnt appreciate their *** answers.

Its ok, I hope they use the money in good health they need it more than I.

Bank of America has a opt out option no money in the account transaction denied simple. Im doing business with them now.,

Monetary Loss: $210.

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Dont forget that they process the largest transactions first. This causes a larger number of overdraft fees. This is done by design to increase profitability.


I agree.

Over the years I have observed some very predatory policies in place at Wells Fargo and other mortgage lenders.

Don Darryl


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