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Wells Fargo accepted my son's online banking account with a deposit from a Major Record Label. When he went into the Wells Fargo Branch - Lake Helen, Florida they couldn't find the account.

My son went through months of run around from that branch manager to the top over the telephone. 4 months later he received he'd been cleared of FRAUD! What fraud? They said an account had been opened 11 years ago by one of his girlfriends and the account had his name on it.

All of the fraudulant checks written were in her hand writing and my son had no idea this even had happened. Wells Fargo promised for several more months to allow him to have HIS money minus 1/2 of the amount due from the 11 year old account. Well, the amount they decided to release to him was minus the whole amount owed from 11 years ago plus more BUT my son had suffered soooooo much emotionally, he couldn't bear to fight anymore and was willing to accept it. THEY DEPOSITED IT INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S BANKING ACCOUNT AND THAT PERSON SPENT IT!

Then they were saying he could only get his money after they recovered it from the person who spent it. In the meantime my son developed an illness called Costochondritis and Syncope due to extreme stress. We sued and after many many months in court we WON! Wells Fargo and all their fancy lawyers filed Bankruptcy and SAID THEY ARE CLOSING MANY LOCAL BRANCHES and walked away.

My son has since suffered a heart attack and hasn't received a dime - Not even his original Paycheck!


Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Wells Fargo Cons: Crooked ways, Incompetant, Rude representatives, Rudeness, Security.

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Hasn't been resolved. Wrote Wells Fargo the following:

Correspondence Specialist:

In response to your message via Twitter we are submitting our complaint in writing.

Your correspondence refers to our online complaint as a “third party” complaint.

Please be advised it is NOT. Both myself as Kenan K. Hill and my mother as Lorene S. Hill are joint parties.

She was awarded the same compensation I was in our lawsuit.

Now, the background. I,. Kenan Hill, opened an online account with Wells Fargo in order to receive a $1,900 payment from Universal Music Group. I called Wells Fargo as instructed through an email the following day.

On the phone I was told it would be quicker and easier to finalize the account if I went into the nearest branch, I walked in to Wells Fargo, Lake Helen, Fl., with the proof of my Online account printed out and they couldn't find my Account!

Universal Music Group had ended my contract as a Developmental Artist stating they could not decide in what Genre my music fit. That money was my pay out. I needed that cash Urgently and was terribly distressed. I ran into that bank for weeks being reassured I would get my money.

You are a valued customer...blah, blah,blah, was what I kept hearing as if they were robots. Marlene at the branch in Lake Helen even opened up another account stating she was putting my money in it. $1,900 plus original $100 deposit from my mother's account. BUT, I wasn't able to withdraw any money!

Marlene said an account had been opened 11 years ago with my name on it. I had no idea of what she was talking about. Turns out, an ex-girlfriend had opened it. Marlene said she had process a forgiveness for the 11 year old account as it had been over 10 years.

Another couple of month's goes by and I can't get any money but get an email stating I had been cleared of FRAUD. FRAUD? For what? All of the checks written on the old account had been written in my girlfriends handwriting.

Over the telephone Wells Fargo said they would be deducting !/2 of the amount due ($300) from my money and she would be held responsible for the remaining $300. I didn't care by then – just give me some money!!!! I am a grown man and this endless drama plus the emergencies that kept popping up at home (which could have been easily solved with the money Wells Fargo was holding) had me dropping to my knee and dissolving into tears on a regular basis. I was on fire with stress!!

I got a lawyer involved. If we didn't go into that bank 20 times – they don't exist!! Wells Fargo, Lake Helen, Fl was giving us a run around and the folks of customer service over the phone were even worse. I was told they couldn't deal with my case anymore and I'd have to start tasking to a Main Office – in Deland.

OH MY GOD! We do not have a car! I was walking to Wells Fargo, Lake Helen. Finally the day came and I was able to get my money.

I stood in line and had the money transferred to my mother, Lorene S. Hill account. It never got there. My mother was anxious also, waiting to handle some emergencies.

There was something going on with my online account and the account Marlene opened causing confusion. I had to go in to cancel one, but never got my money. Where was my $2,000? I believe they couldn't find it and didn't know where to go to get it to pay back to me.

The bank was now giving US the side-eye! They turned their attention to my Mother's account and had me bring in her ATM card and account information. Management disappeared with her cards behind the scenes, returned and handed it to me.. NOTHING improved.

I still had no money. But, all kinds of charges my mother did not do began to come out of her account. Management stated they must have accidentally opened some door to allowed the opportunity for these charges to come to my Mother's account and they would close that door. My Mother was never refunded.

Then, my Mother's account was stolen from by a skimmer placed into an ATM machine. Wells Fargo investigated and the thief was caught with many, many of others account information. We were told we had to prosecute to get our money back. We did.

The courtroom was full of others ripped off by this fellow on the day of his trial and he went to jail. My mother wasn't ever compensated by Wells Fargo though. I lost my pride and cried over the phone to Wells Fargo begging for my money. I was allowed to process a special emergency request for the release of my money and was told the big wigs up the ladder turned me down.

Turned me down to receive my own money???? I began to experience excruciating attacks of pain. Pressure on my chest so severe (Diagnosed as Costochondritis) that would become so unbearable I would pass out Diagnosed as Syncope). I have hit my head on the bathtub, and dropped to the floor injuring elbows, arms, legs, etc...terrorizing my 9 year old son and mother.

An ambulance has been called out to our house several times. Creating bills we can't afford. The cause of my Costochondritis is STRESS – EXTREME STRESS – SEVERE STRESS! I won't be able to work again.

I can't handle any stress, heat or exhaustion. I was already Unemployed. I have a 9 year old son and my mother on Social Security Disability is our only income. We have no car and I have to walk everywhere for my Mother.

She can't walk far. FINALLY, Wells Fargo send an email stating my money was available. I called the number given and was told they had $1,300 for me and would be happy to transfer the money into my Mother's account while I spoke to them on the telephone, I was exhausted and ill and did not feel like walking to Wells Fargo so I said OK. They announced happily I had $1,300 ($700 short) and I was drained, in pain and too emotional to argue anymore – I accepted that.

I gave them my Mother's account number 5 or 6 times and begged the lady not to make a mistake and she DEPOSITED IT INTO THE WRONG ACCOUNT.! Now, the bank is looking at us really stinky and insisted my Mother walk up there and prove it has been OK for me to have her ATM card, and speak for her. My Mother cried all the way to the bank. We walked in and could feel the tension in the air.

When we left my Mother couldn't bear the pain anymore. I sat her on a curb and ran door to door knocking and begging strangers to please give my Mother a ride home. At first, for a week or more, Wells Fargo said the guy who had my money wasn't answering his phone. Then they sent a letter.

Finally, they froze the guy's account – Then he called them. In the meantime, I was literally dying!! He had spent the money and made it clear had no intentions of paying it back. Wells Fargo fired the woman who transferred my money to that account and felt that should make me happy.

NOPE!! I want my money. I learn I do not get my money until the dude that spent it pays it back!!!! That woman getting fired does not feed my family nor pay our bills!

We sued Wells Fargo. I suffered many Costochondritis Attacks sitting in that court room listening to Wells Fargo ***, (forced to walk out of the proceedings). They called my Mother and I ***-Artist! Yes, we have struggled and overdrawn.

BUT, you better believe you Wells Fargo gets their Loan Shark Overdraft Fees right on target. You better believe Wells Fargo grabs every dime overdrawn the minute my Mother gets her Direct Deposit. Now, on top of Medical bills I got lawyer fees. My Mother was going without her medication – getting very sick at times.

My 9 year old was going to bed hungry – crying himself to sleep. We spent endless days trying to get help to keep our utilities on. But, we survived and hung on to the thought that in the end we would get our money back and we WON our case! $40,000.

$20,000 for my, Kenan K. Hill. $20,000 for my Mother Lorene S. Hill.

Not enough considering I'll never work again. Not enough considering my quality of life has been changed drastically. They pulled us back to court stating they couldn't pay the lump sum within the 90 days the judge had ordered. Wells Fargo stated they were over-run with law suits.

What kind of bank is that!? They wanted monthly payments. The judge Ok'd 8 months of payments. Wells Fargo didn't pay the monthly payment on time.

They played around with dates. The judge was pissed by then and told them if they do not pay on time they would be slapped with another $100,000 and he changed the payments to be done in 4 monthly payments because they were playing games. They did not pay by due date September 8th. They came to court the following day having filed for Bankruptcy!

They stated they will be closing several local branches in 2016 including the Lake Helen, Fl. Branch. WELLS FARGO AND THEIR FANCY LAWYERS WALKED AWAY! They walked away with my life.

They walked away with my self esteem. They walked away with my future. They walked away with my court won compensation. They walked away with my original $2,000.

Wells Fargo presents themselves as a thriving, caring, profitable business while ruining your customers lives! I pass out from extreme pain. I have had a heart attack. During one of my time passing out I cracked my head so hard I came with in centimeters of a cracked skull.

The wound has now abscessed and is pressing on my brain. My speech is slurred and I stagger when I walk. I have no health insurance. Doctors want to open my skull to relieve the pressure or I have only 5 years to live.

They want to open my chest and scrape my chest bone. I have migraines. I am 31 years old and just because I simply wanted to deposit money into a checking account at Wells Fargo Bank my life is over. I want to report something else.

We are an African American Family living in the south. The attitudes I suffered at the hands of Wells Fargo during this checking account fiasco and during the court hearing was purely prejudice. They saw a young black man in a doo rag, baggy hanging pants and a giant shirt and they see THUG! The things they said about me in court was out of pure prejudice because those white lawyers saw THUG!

I will not give up on this.

I will continue to complain and even go the the Federal Trade Commission and NAACP, etc. next if this situation is not resolved.

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