Stockton, California

well first of all i have always been told anything in pending has already been deducted from your account. So i paid for a hotel room and it showed it was deducted so i thought i had the money in the bank that was available to well so i was using my back card then to come and find out the hadn't did that they said it was just a hold so now they are charging me a 140 for overdraft fees....

i try to always check my bank at least once a day and i told the lady that and all she could say was i understand am sorry for your overdraft so don't know how i feel when they are taking my money not hers.... this was a supervisor i was specking to the fist lady i spoke to said i was gonna be charged for two fee and then the supervisor tells me i will be charged for 4 how crazy i could go on but i already went over 100 words.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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Wells Employee,

Cease your babbling. You are employed in a den of thieves. Attacking victims makes you look worse. I sincerely hope you get fired for the post you made here.

Your behavior is as dispicable as the bank you work for.


The problem with many customers is that they don't know how to monitor their accounts. Shouldn't you know how much you have in your checking account.

If you are viewing it once a day don't you know what your true balance is. If I spent 10.00 on Monday and my account ending bal is 10.00. I think I would know two days later that something is not in when it shows me $20.00.

Customers need to start being responsible for their accounts. If you spent it once don't spend it twice.

@Wells Employee

The problem is that they are intentionally defrauding people. Example, Day one: Deposit of $300.00.

Day 2: purchase of $125.00-pending. Available Balance $175.00. Day 3: Purchase of $160.00-pending. Available balance $140.00.

"Wow, I spent less than I thought." Day 4: Purchase of $20.00. Available balance -$40.00.

See, they put pending, then remove the pending for a day, so as to confuse people, then nail them with an over draft. They also put The largest transactions through first, because they are the most likely to take you past your limit.

I call fraud!

I was told "The company that did the transaction puts the pending there for your reference, then removes it" Really?

They have access to your computers and are adding things like that and taking them out? No, Wells Fargo will pay back every dime they've defrauded people.