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Wells Fargo charged me $105 in over draft fees on my STUDENT ACCOUNT!!!!!!!! I found out when I walked in to the branch to cash a check. I couldn't dispute the charges in person, so I had to call wells fargo's main number. They did a one time "favor" and retracted $35 and after much arguing said they will reimburse half of another fee, saying that is all the "system" will allow them to do. I called back a half an hour later and asked to speak to a supervisor. The representative said I cannot speak to a supervisor unless I have a reason. ummmm did you not hear me? I have a reason! Still her denied me stating I don't have a reason! Then the banker said I will retract half of one but that is all the system will let me do. I can't speak to a supervisor AT ALL, and somehow one bankers hands are tied at one point then another can do a little more. One teller says the system won't allow them to do anymore and the next person says he can only do a little more. TOTAL BS! Of course they can do more THEY MADE THE SYSTEM!

If a person has a negative balance clearly they can't afford a $35 overdraft fee let alone $105!. What they should do is STOP THE MONEY GOING OUT, so we are not charged at all, and we deal with the payment of whatever ourselves!

"overdraft fees bring in about $1.77 billion a year." - Lynn Mucken, MSN Money

Banks don't need to mooch off the people who really need it! They make enough money as is! WHERE IS THE REGULATION!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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No ***, the solution is for YOU not to spend more $ than you have, and to read the freaking policies of your bank!! Are you seriously in college?!?

The bank didn't "trick" you into being incapable of simple math! Another whiny a$$ed, entitled, *** blaming the bank for their own stupidity. Awesome.

I weep for the future. :cry :cry


are you really complaining about overdraft fees when you literally "wrote checks your a## can't cash"? i weep for the future.

it's always someone elses fault.

take responsibility for your mistake and don't let it happen again. $105 life lesson.


Hi Hula Hawaii you must be a bank troll.

Dear bank troll,

I guess you did not read my post correctly. You are right! I should not over draw my account! Wow what a revelation! You missed missed my main point. I should not be charged an over draft fee! The banks trick people into paying these ridiculous charges by allowing people to overdraw their account multiple times without notification for *** things like a $4 coffee, which ends up being $39! I don't know where or how a bank can justify stealing money from people. It clearly benefits the banks to do this. They are making money in the billions for this thievery!

Maybe the solution is JUST DON'T LET THE CARD GO THROUGH! Is there no one regulating the banks or looking out for consumers!?

You should be ashamed for defending these criminals! People like you are the reason why the economy is the way it is right now!


you can not write a check or debit your account if you don't have the cash in the account to cover it. Your fault not the banks. Keep better track of you money.