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Every January for the last two years we get a call from Wells Fargo Fraud Services about fraudulent charges on our credit card. While I appreciate them calling to check on suspicious charges, I'm very careful with my card (don't use it at unknown sites, don't give it to unknown people) and I don't understand why my card information keeps getting out. Wells Fargo never releases the information about who stole it and used it fraudulently, so I can't protect myself from that vendor. What makes me suspicious about their card security is that it never happens with any other credit card I have, only my Wells Fargo card. Also, it takes them 7-10 days to get me a replacement card, but they'd be "happy" to send it faster for just $16.

Sounds like a great moneymaking scam to me. "Accidentally" release someone's credit card info, get some fraudulent charges that hopefully the card holder won't notice (thus paying more to the card company, plus they get the fee for credit card usage from the vendor the card was used at). If the card holder notices, oh well, $16 to get your card (and account) back sooner so it doesn't interrupt your life too much. Scam Scam Scam

Three things:

1) Release the info about who used my card fraudulently (if there actually is such a person) so that I can stop doing business with them. This would also serve to let me know that it isn't Wells Fargo themselves being loose with their card numbers.

2) Keep our card numbers/info more secure, just in case it IS Wells Fargo with the security breach.

3) In the case of clear fraud, send the replacement card ASAP, so it interrupts our lives less. Don't try to make additional money off someone who just got ripped off. Sending the replacement card ASAP gets you a happier customer who can then keep using your card. Right now, I have to go switch all my automatic payments to another card. Let's see if I bother to switch them back.

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Just found 6 transactions on our Wells Fargo checking account made over the weekend for Wal Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Pomp's Tires, cancelled the card immediately, transactions are still pending so hopefully they are not for larger amounts, right now they are all under $10 and the Bed Bath and Beyond charges are for $1 each.


I just watched a show on NBC. Matt Lauer was interviewing a Woman who was a victim of identity theft.

She also had a card thru Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo seems to be a common denominator having to do with Identity theft. No firewalls? Theft of #'s by Employees?

You would think a Co. That has been around for over 100 yrs, would be well aware of Security.



our card hasnt been used for a year.. odd that 2 people on here same day same issue


Easiest way is to just stop using the card and cancel it. You said you have other cards.

Use them instead. I doubt there is anything special about the WF card.

The odds are that your card number is being used once a year at a certain time because of a recurring charge by someone, like a magazine renewal, etc set for auto renew. In any event, cancel the darn card!!


We also received a call from Wells Fargo that someone attempted to use our card at a Pizza place in Phoenix and a few dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond