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First, let me admit I was late in paying a bill. However, I had not used the account for so long my passwords no longer worked on Wells Fargo website and because I had opened the account in my married name, I had to have proof that I was Mrs. ____ and not still Ms. ___.

The big problem is Wells Fargo called and discussed the account with my husband--they didn't know who he was, just someone who answered the telephone. So I took a certified copy of my marriage license and enough cash to pay Wells Fargo off in full.

I received another mail notice and just assumed it had already been mailed. But today, over a week later, I received another computer generated notice that I needed to contact them immediately. So I did. Very unwillingly I gave them my social security number and address. Then they wanted me to verify my telephone number before they would discuss the account with me. Just great--they want verification of the telephone number they called and discussed an account in the name of a female with a male who answered the number. I lost it and asked for a supervisor. I thought I had been disconnected and called back and asked for a supervisor. I was directed to a message machine. Here we all are worried about hackers and Wells Fargo is giving information out to whoever answers the telephone and they don't even know if that is the cardholder's telephone number. Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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I never liked this place from git, rude rude rude liars liars liars back stabbers cheaters takers thieves.

Wells Fargo is also racist towards white people at this E StPaul, mn phalen corridor branch.

Stay far far away