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I paid the $450.00 Appraisal - was told when enquiring that it would take around 30 days to complete the refinance. This was in September 2010. Yesterday, January 11th 2011 I had made 12 telephone calls and left 2 voicemails requesting a returned phone call to the manager of the guy that was dealing with my loan to complain. I still avent had a call back.

WELLS FARGO is the biggest SCAM out there !!!

Today I am already in the closing process of my refinance with Loan Depot and couldnt be happier - I still want my $450 back - out of principal - these guys are a bunch of monkeys playing with peoples money and completely dishonest. I have it in email written form that the guys from wells fargo had claimed to me it would take around 30 days to complete the refinance - which was a bod lie - the avaerage it takes Wells Fargo to complete a refinanace is 120 days - lies lies lies !!!

Dont trust Wells Fargo - I hope karma comes and kicks them in the butt - we need less banks like these - am disgusted that they can get away with it - Anyone think its worth going to small claims over??? Or seeing as they are scamming so many of us - cant we go to FOX or CNN and get them to report on it and let everyone out there know not to trust Wells Fargo !!!!

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Welcome to the "Scammed by Hells Fargo" club. After 5 months of stringing us along on a HARP refinance that Wells Fargo solicited and encouraged us to apply for, they cancelled our agreement using a fabricated excuse that we had "title issues with no end in sight". This lie was conjured up 140 days AFTER we were told the loan would close "any day now". :(

Even though the interest rates increased 1% over our rate-lock agreement, we applied with a different lender and the loan closed without a hiccup in only 45 days. The new title company found absolutely 0 issues with our title, proving that Wells Fargo set out to find a reason to deny us the refinance, as it would have lowered our interest rate from 5.725 to 3.351. They are fully aware that they DO NOT intend to approve a HARP that will lower your current interest rate, no matter how well qualified the applicants are.

Don't waist your time with this corrupt and evil bank. Have you seen their corporate rap sheet?


We wish someone would have made us aware of Wells Fargo's well documented history of fraud, discrimination and unjust enrichment schemes before we put our mortgage into their hands. Now we've refinanced, closed our accounts and sold our WFC stock, they will NEVER get another dime out of us or anyone we care about.

Hopefully, some day this message gets out to the masses so that everyone pulls their money out of this bank, refinances their mortgage with a trustworthy lender or credit union and sells their WFC stock!

Since all the complaints filed at the CFPB, BBB, Attorney Generals seem to fall on deaf ears, this is the ONLY WAY to STOP this bank from continuing its crime spree!


I know what you mean i'm in the same situation whereas I've been dealing with Wells Fargo since August 210 and it is April 2011 now and I'm still getting craps from them. I'll be working with my attorney. You should too, now way they can keep your appraisal money not just that they should give you a full refund.


I submitted copies Wells Fargo Mortgage refinance consultant requested. Some copies I had to resubmit, cause they claim they to don't have them.

Supposedly all is at the Underwriter at this point. This has been going on for over 7 months. Is this normal?

Is there someone out there somewhere that one can contact for help.

@Dee Cee V

Same here and they also had the audacity to hit my credit report twice in a 3 month period which brought my score down considerably. After 5 months I still haven't received a closing date.

@Dee Cee V

I've been trying to refinance with them since October of last year. My stuff just went to an underwriter.

I've asked them numerous time what it's going to take to get my money back and just halt the process. No response received. I've had it with these people....I wish I could go back in time and start over with another bank. At this point, I'm willing to pay a higher rate and just work with my credit union.

They actually care about my business. With Wells Fargo, I feel like I'm just another number.