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Update by user Jul 06, 2011

I should mention the representatives themselves were very nice. I hate to seem employees take slack for the company.

I hold Wells Fargo responsible not for my $15.99 (I should have just told their ATM rep if she kept pushing I would file a complaint) but for the time wasted sitting on hold and bouncing from person to person. If they want to push this product which itself might be a decent thing, they should have the full phone number on the account statement and their customer service should have been able to pull that number up in a few mintues.

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2011

So when I recieved my new ATM card from Wells Fargo I called to activate it. I was pushed to try "their" Purchase Shield program. After repeatedly telling the woman no, she kept insisting that I try for $1 and call to cancel when I had the details. I stupidly gave in, it's from my bank I figured it'd be easier to just call when it came in.

I did not recieve my packet but got a lovely $15 charge on my account. The charge conveniently did not give their full contact number. So I called Wells Fargo. I sat on hold 15 min and was told that this is not their program it's an affiliate and the representative put me back on hold to find the number. 10 min later she gives me 888-872-5524 and tries to connect me. It rings and hangs up on me so I call directly to get a woman who has no idea what I'm talking about, that I have the wrong number.

I call the bank back. I sit on hold another 20 min. I get a representative who puts in a stop payment and when I explain I'm very upset that THEY (Wells Fargo) sold me this, this isn't something I went and looked for and I can not understand why they can't provide me the information to get it off my account is beyond me. That if I continued to see charges I would take my money elsewhere. She too did not seem to have any number for them, and expressed surprise the other rep gave me the 5524 number since she did not see anything like that but after speaking to her supervisor offered to transfer me to claims to put in a claim as well.

The claims specialist tells me that the stop payment is in but if I still can't get a hold of anyone to call back next charge. I explain I can't get a hold of anyone since no one seems to have the number. After 2 reps, a supervisor, and my own account statement later I have no idea how they expect me to cancel. She seems surprised and tells me she has 888-872-5526 as the number. That was the correct one. But why I needed to spend over an hour and got through so many people is beyond me. Totally a rip off and I feel cheated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I'm experiencing something similar. Never agreed to a *** thing.

Got paperwork in mail. I threw it out. Now I appeared to be signed up for nine yards of *** I didn't want or ask for.

I need to find a decent bank. Does one exist ?


Thank you so much for this information. I just called the phone number provided and cancelled my contract with them.

Purchase Shield is just as described above. The customer of WF is offered the 360 program on a trial basis and; after some set time, you are charged a monthly fee to continue the service.

I was unaware I was being charged until WF sent me a "suspicious charge" notice. They charged me $10.99/month.


I recently had a similar experience, as there was a mysterious looking charge from "WF*CPP PREFERRED MBR" for 69.99 on March 21, 2013. They could not comment on it and are making me wait 60 days for a reply to my complaint and if they agree, issue a refund.

I shouldn't just get a refund...I should get an apology for STEALING FROM ME.

That's a CRIMINAL ACT, Wells Fargo.

It's really SHAMEFUL. It inspires me to switch banks.


I'm disappointed in Wells Fargo and in a company that is somehow affiliated with them called Purchase Shiel (as listed on my checking account). I recently noticed that I have been charged $224.84 (charged monthly for either $14.99 or $10.99).

I have no idea what it is, what it is for or why I was charged for it. I've spent the last 60 minutes on the phone trying to get this resolved with Purchase Shiel and Wells Fargo and only when I threatened to call the police, the state and the better business bureau were they agreeable to refunding me in full.

It's a scam and SHAME ON WELLS FARGO FOR BEING INVOLVED WITH IT. I may have to change banks.


Thank you for your advise


My wells fargo checking account has been charged with 14.99 since 2011 I never knew until today. They said I signed for it.

I never did. This a scam and it should be reported to the proper authorities.




Just found the charge of $15.99 on my account and called to ask what it was for. The WF Customer Service Rep told me it was for enrolling in the Identity Theft Program.

I did NOT enroll in this. I received requests to enroll in the mail and shredded them all. In addition, when the Wells Fargo rep told me that I would have to talk to the Identity Theft Program to clear it up and then transferred me, the Identity Theft representative told me that this would have to be cleared up by a Wells Fargo Customer Service rep! The identity theft rep said that they did not have my name or any of my information, yet it appears I was somehow "mysteriously" enrolled, so now I also question the bank’s security and confidentiality.

I called customer service, emailed them, and wrote a strongly worded letter. Let's see if they resolve it.


When I called about my mom's account they told me she signed up for this with a credit report. My mom is 73 why would she need or want this service.

I don't think she read the small print as it is hard for her to see the print. Mom passed away and I went to Wells Fargo to ask about the charges and they told me that they had nothing to do with it. I then made her call this company and see what it going on and I was told mom signed up for this in May. I asked for a refund and was told we had to fax over a request which I made the lady at the bank use their letterhead and fax it over.

Will see if that works if not I will look at another way.

To me this is a bad bank that is trying to slide this "service" over on it's customers. Change banks use a local bank.



They charged me and my account went into the negative which I never allow to happen.

I believe the man at wells Fargo on the phone said they partner with a credit score and identity theft company called "Tri-legent". I have loved wells Fargo, why do they partner with such a fraudulent company?


I had this happen through another company and they refused to credit my account. so I found, their home office on line, contacted the BBB in their city, and the charge was credited within 30 days. It was frustrating, but worth the effort.


I used purchase shield when my dryer needed fixing and received a nice check back from purchase shield. It is not a scam or fraud.


This morning I looked online on my Wells Fargo bank statement and found a charge for $15.99. I thought I had never authorized this charge.

On the charge was the number 877-224-7430?. I looked up the number and found the Pissed Consumer site and stories from people who had been through this before". I decided that I did not want this Wells Fargo "Purchase Protection" service". I called the number knowing that a refund was almost impossible, but what I really wanted to do was stop future charges!.

No refund, but at least I won't have to deal with these charges anymore?. Thankfully I check my online statements regularly and stopped this at the first charge,. Turns out I accidently signed up for this service when I opted for a free yearly credit report for Wells Fargo|.

When you opt for this, you sign up for the "Purchase Protection'." My advise is to call the number 877-224-7430 and be polite but VERY CLEAR AND FIRM that you do not want this service! 273f6e8


I discovered that $14.99 had been deducted for seven months. I had no idea what the charge was for.

I had never heard of purchase shield, and I never received anything in the mail regarding the program. I went online and found that many Wells Fargo customers have had the same experience. I copied several pages of the stuff online, and my wife and I went to the bank and met with a banker. She denied knowing anything about the program and suggested that we had lost a debit card or that someone had gained access to our number and was using it for personal gain.

She called two or three people and my wife spoke with one. I showed the banker the stuff I got online, and they were soon coming around to our point of view. But they wanted to refund us for just two months, instead of seven. My wife told them in very strong language that it was ridiculous, and we expected to get all our money back.

When they finally agreed to that, they tried to get us to stay with the program. My wife got really irritated at that. Our entire amount was credited to our account within two days. HOWEVER, the next week, we received a letter from a vice-president who said that after careful ccconsideration of all the facts relevant to the matter, he had determined that the charges to our account were legitimate and therefore our claim is closed.


But after three weeks, nothing has been deducted from our account. We are looking for a new bank, and once we get our hundred thousand dollars transferred there, we are going to visit the top official with Wells Fargo to tell him why we took our money and ran, and we are going to give him the names of the four people who caused us to take all our money to a different bank.


This company, Purchase Shield" has an A+ rating with the BBB so please file a complaint with your local BBB. You can do it online.


So I called them today and they tried to convince me that I purchased this product so I cursed and demanded that they give me my money back. The manager actually had the nerve to tell me that they would only refund me for 4 months of payment, so I cursed a little more and then she said that they will send all of my money back in 7 business days. I'm waiting now to see if I will have to call again to curse some more.


The guy called me and asked if I would like to try the product. I told him to send the packet in the mail which he said would cost 1 dollar and I would decide about it later.

well weeks passed and I did not receive any packet. eventually I for got about it. Now I'm checking on my bank statements and these *** have been taking 14.99 out of my account for the last 8 months.

I'm still waiting for the business hours to begin so that I can call them. I'm extremely pissed right now, so whoa beyond to whoever is the representative who will have to deal with me today.


I just noticed on my Wells Fargo Acct. that I was being debited 12.99.

This is the first time I noticed this charge. AS I went in and checked for reoccurring charges I have seen this has been coming out for at least 18 mo. After calling the 1 888 number I was informed I had been a MEMBER for 24months. 298.77 cents worth of membership I had no clue I was a member of.

I called C/S and they were kind enough to refund 77.99 cents. But for all you that were tagged with this scam, Please check your Wells Fargo Statement, so you don't get ripped off.


READ THIS: I'm a broke college student who was able to survive this scam. For 7 months I was being billed $14.99 reading WF Purchase Shield MB, I figured it was part of my account stipulations.

After being told what purchase shield was used for, and clearly something I would not use anytime soon considering I spend almost no money except for gas I called this number; 888-872-5526. They claimed that they gave me a phone call asking if i wanted the 30 day trial with a one dollar charge, and then after that it would begin charging my account. They claimed that they sent out mailing info to my home address regarding the upcoming charges. I recieved neither this phone call, or the mail.

After telling them i not only wanted to be removed, but wanted to know how they were charging my account when i NEVER gave them my permision, written or verbal, I was transferred to a supervisor. I then told the women, that unless they had a recording of them calling me, and those exact words regarding the trial vs. charges I wanted a full refund for something that I did not use once. Only when I told her I was living at a different address(partly true, since they have my parents address on file) did she say she would refund me for the entire 7 months and take me off their list.

I was pissed, and relieved.

It was only recently that I myself quit my first job at a telephone outrreach program for my university. I had to call alumni and ask for money via credit card. It may not have been appropriate, but I did tell the women as a last remark that there are plenty of jobs out there where you do not have to scam people for money to get a paycheck.

Long story short, they know they are scamming you. convince them you know as well.


Yeah this service sucks. I can't believe I gave into this BS of a scam.

And the worst part of it is is that when they charged me I only had 10 bucks in my account so I got over drafted and had to pay the OD fee.

I thought the shield protection *** program would have me out helped with something like this.. Oh and it's very frustrating when they keep pushing you to buy the program

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