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First all, let me start by stating I have never even heard of "Purchase Shield," never knew what it was about until I mysteriously received two charges in one month.

So, today I'm checking my bank account online and I see some mumbo jumbo regarding a $14.99 check card purchase. I know I haven't used my debit card in about five days.

I call Wells Fargo immediately to figure out what this charge is.

The representative said it sounded like insurance through Best Buy, probably from when I purchased my laptop back in January. I immediately told him I bought a protective plan for my laptop, but I paid for it upfront and did not authorize any additional monthly service plans.

Then he comes back on the line and says, "No wonder it sounds so familiar, it's a plan through Wells Fargo!"


So he tries digging for a number for me to find out more about this plan I supposedly signed up for.

He actually transfers me to someone named "Fred."

Fred goes immediately into a sales pitch.

I interrupt Fred and tell him I obviously HAVE this service since I am already being charged.

I told him I did not authorize these charges or services, I do not own my home-I am fully covered through my renter's insurance and would have never agreed to buy something I did not need. I never received any information regarding this absurd "service," and wanted to cancel it NOW.

He gives me a cancellation confirmation #.

Then I told him I want to be reimbursed all of my money (It has been charged twice in two weeks) because I never signed up for the product or received information on said product.

He said as a courtesy he would reimburse me the two $14.99 charges, which is fine with me because I cancelled as well.

I'm seriously contemplating taking my money out of Wells Fargo and just sticking with cash.

I have had nothing but problems with Wells Fargo.

I didn't even want to be a customer of Wells Fargo, I banked with Wachovia.

Review about: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $29.


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I am pretty sure I was reimburse but cannot recall. I left Wells Fargo *** and have never been happier! I am the original poster, by the way.


i am going through the similar problem i never signed up for no dang on purchase shield mess!! been going on for quite some time now


They refunded both of the 14.99 charges within 5 days.


Just got off the phone with them.Asked for a copy of the audio file giving them authorization for billing me.

He said he would put in a request and then I asked about a refund.

He said he would be willing to negotiate a refund in lieu of working to find the audio file.I got $90.93 coming to me.


I just discovered I've been paying this for quite a while. I'm on the phone with them now requesting a copy of the audio recording giving them approval. I have no recollection of this membership and would have absolutely NO use for it as I'm covered with my insurance policy.


Did you get your money back after reimbursment?I just called to cancel too and they said they cannot give me my money back because I have agreed with Wells Fargo to try the 30 day trial.

Bull!I want to know what happen with you so I can go claim Wells Fargo

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