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We are seniors who had a BK 4 years ago because of a illness. We had excellent credit, never late just could not pay the medical bills.

We just bought a home, have a 3 year old new car financed and went to Wells Fargo as it is in the city we are moving to. After giving all our information we were told we were denied a account? They ran our credit without our knowledge and although there is nothing currently wrong were denied. We had a check for $67,000 that we closed another account and nowhere to put it.

Went to B of A and they approved us immediately. Sorry *** bank

Review about: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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Perry, Utah, United States #21598

Whenever you agree to take out a loan, especially financing a new car, the lending company has a clause which allows them to run an inquiry on your credit report. These clauses are within your contact of sale. They are not separate!

So read before you sign!

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