Pine Beach, New Jersey

The hillbilly phone clerks neglected to do their job & document my

banking issues (checking account), causing errors and unnecessary overdrafts due to the inexperience of the so-called branch manager. Instead

they've wasted precious time by calling me 10 times daily & hanging up, knowing it

would bother me, per my previous verbal complaint to them. Wachovia may have changed to Wells Fargo, but their unprofessinal behavior & stupidity

remains the same. I'm in search of any pending civil suits I can enter into

or obtain enough consumer complaints to start same. Please let me know asap. Thank you. Laura.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

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John G. Stumpf, C.E.O Wells Fargo

1090 Chestnut St, Apt 12

San Francisco, CA 94109-1230

HOME PHONE # (415) 346-8543

Call John at home and tell him that you don’t like frivolous phone call from Wells Fargo. If enough people call him at home he might start to understand!

Turn about is far play


Look into the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This act states that they can attempt to contact you once every 3 days. A violation of this act can result in legal actions and go as far a right-off of any debts owed.


We have documented 83 phones to our house phone in 30 days... Well Fargo is relentless and will not stop until they get their money....

This note is not slander becuase they themselves as "sometimes not fair" that they have to do what they do..

Beware.. this may happen to you...


I got tired of them calling me every month when they know I have my mortgage on bill pay with wells fargo.

After enduring this unethical behavior for months I finally had to tell them to put me on their do not call list. They have to stop calling you if they don't the FCC fines them for every call.

I hate to resort to this but when you are dealing with bullies you have to stand up for yourself. We'll see if they call me next month.


The number says Orchards and it came up 368-885-4308. The just keep calling even after you have made payment arrangements.