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I have always paid my mortage on time. I received a letter of foreclosure for payments that I have made but Wells Fargo can't or won't bother to look for them.

I have made 3 mortage payments over the phone. I have confirmation #'s for all of them plus bank statements and tracing # that show this money went to them. I have tried to talk with people over the phone but you never get the same person. It finally got so bad with the harrassment that I had a panic attack and wound up in the emergency room. I was told to send a Hardship letter with household information. This I did. Faxing 7 pages of info. I received a letter stating that it was received and that I would have to wait 30 days for their decision

of loan modification or refinance.

So far I now have a forecloseure notice from their lawyer Harmon Law Offices. My house is due to go up for auction July 11,2008.

Is there anyone out there that can give me any advice on how to get through this nightmare of red tape.

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Covelo, California, United States #19180

To make my very long story short, am having a very similar problem.Wells Fargo entered into a forebearance agreement and then sent my payment under that agreement back because it was not certified funds.

No place in the agreement indicated certified funds were required but I offered to send a bank check. Well, they would not let me do that because my forebearance agreement was in default due to nonpayment!!!! I had to enter into another forebearance agreement. Under that agreement I send a bank check and in conversation with a CSR to confirm the check arrived I am told that yes it was but that I do not have to send bank checks, a personal check will be fine!!!

Then, a few days later, I get a call from Wells Fargo that my payment (the one I was just told was received) had not been received and that if they did not receive payment, my house was going to foreclosure in a week. I sent proof of payment AND electronically sent another payment (so now I have paid one month ahead) so that I can avoid the sale of the condo. Wells Fargo acknowledged the payment but sold the house anyway!!!!

I am now in litigation with them over it.Has anyone else had a similar experience and I would love to know how you are dealing with it and is there anyone who managed to get it resolved?

Tahoe City, California, United States #18486

Either that or furnish the receipts directly to Harmon Law Offices. Any attorney with ethics will clear it up if you have proof of payment.

Tahoe City, California, United States #18485

First Off their customer service is useless.They have idiots working their 800#.

Very good at yelling, bad at listening and actually resolving problems. So don't call, you should go into their main branch and not leave until its fixed. If they are auctioning off your house, didn't they file a complaint with your local courthouse? Unsually that requires a lawsuit, at least in my state it does.

If so you can go there and usually there is a legal department that is pro bono to help you answer it with your receipts.

Either way- you need to get this cleared.It sounds like they are ignoring you just to get the house back.

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