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All I can say is that if you have an account with Wells Fargo, when you have the opportunity, LEAVE! Now, apparently you need a college degree to bank because God forbid, a financial institution should have simple rules. Basically in my case, I always check my account online. WHY? Because if I call and ask a question about it, the bank tellers will charge me for it if I am able to see things online and I don't have time to go down to the bank and ask questions at my leasure. So when I check my account online it says I have money, so I make a deposit and by my calculation I should not be over drawn. Well low and behold, I get nailed for 6 overdraft fees(in the amount of $204 total, $34 apiece)

When I spoke with the manager, she had this nice software that conveniently points out when I was overdrawn. So I asked, if you can see when I was overdrawn, how come I cannot see when I was overdrawn? She then points out I should balance my checkbook, because apparently I am an *** and I should have known about this. But she also advised me Wells Fargo has no way of knowning officially when I am overdrawn until it posts so this justifies me getting charged this money. If you have to reread the last 2 sentences for clarity, please understand why I was escorted out of the building. So I am just advising any sane person with a brain who reads this should go to a credit union. I realize some of the people who read this, might think dee dee dee..this guys an ***.

Well when this happens to you, at least you will have been warned.

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Only been with Wells F&#* since 4-10 but

as of Aug could see Monies Missing, Check book balance was off.Its not about spending too much money, its about beening ripped off.

My check is written and accounted for so my balance should ALWAYS be lower than Wells. It wasn't.

NO WAY to prove anything, so I'm back at Credit Union.If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


A similar thing happened to me.I can't wait until I no longer bank at Wells Fargo!

Wells Fargo Customers- Just because you get your paychecks direct deposited doesn't mean the money is actually there to spend! I've been charged overdraft fees unjustly as well.

My paycheck is allegedly depoisted into my account on Friday.It was still "pending" on a Monday, the perfect time for WF to "charge" ridiculous overdraft fees.


What is wrong with you people. Don't spend more than you have! How hard is that?


Lying thieves. They cheat. If they see you overdraw, even for a dollar, they will go back a few days and jigger the dates on a few small transactions so they can hit you with several $35 fees instead of one.


News flash.dont spend money you dont have!

Every bank does this!! dont write checks, because people can hold on to them for a looooong time. if ur not sure if its posted then dont spend that money!

its really not that hard responsible.


Completely agree. How the *** am I supposed to see that my account is overdrawn when one day it's in positive balance and the next day I have three overdraft fees ($105)?!


Wells fargo is definately crooked and they need to be sued or something.They are just ripping people off!!

Literally. My sons army recruiter personally took him to Wells Fargo for D/D of his military checks, so I think the Govt is involved thats why nobody does *** about it.

That poor kid never had any money at all because of *** fees when he supposedly had money in the bank.I finally just added him to my account at a local bank that does things the right way.


They just hit me the other day with 9 overdraft fees in one day that equals about 400$ and I talked with 4 different people they all said I am an *** and I should keep better track of my money.They stole my paycheck and its still overdrawn, now they keep hitting me with level 2 od fees and its still in the hole.

They make me so angry and pissed off, I decided to bury my money in my backyard.I hate this bank.


Wells Fargo sucks!! I did leave them after 23 years and got an account at my local credit union.

Let me repeat - Wells Fargo sucks and will suck your account dry in fees - no matter why.

Boycott Wells Fargo NOW!


gaaah! i hate wellsfargo! im leaving as soon as it is monday cause im sick of their fees!!

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