I have had a wells fargo credit account since 2001. They changed my address without telling me. My neighbor moved and left a forwarding address. Some of my mail got mixed in with his, and was forwarded. Wells Fargo, based on one forwarded letter, changed my address and started sending everything to my neighbor's new address one state over! So not only was I not getting my mail, he was getting it all.

I didn't get a bill in the mail, and ended up being a few days late on a payment. They called my cell phone, I made a payment, but they kept calling since I guess their records were not updated or something. I call and ask them not to call my cell phone so much. The lady said she made a note in the file. The calls stop and I think everything is OK. My address is fixed, my card is current, they stop calling me.

I go to use my card, and it is denied! I look into it and my card was closed. I call again to find out why, and the lady tells me that sicne I elected not to receive phone calls, they cancelled my card! Can you believe that? It has a balance, had auto payments scheduled (also denied), and was active since 2001.

My credit was destroyed! Why, because I asked not to receive phone calls on a payment that already posted! I am sooooo pissed. They did this to get back at me for not wanting them to call my cell phone 5 times a day!

Review about: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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