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I made a deal with a man who was selling his 59 chevy. The deal was the first one at his door come Monday morning at 10:00 April 19 got the car.

I tried to get the money from the WF in Oroville CA over the weekend but it was closed due to a remodel project. I was told they would be open for business Monday morning at 9:00. That would work because the car being sold was only about 20 miles away and I could get the cash and be there in time, I was offering a few hundred more than the asking price so I figured with a phone call and more cash in hand the seller would wait. The car was leaving as I drove up.

Thanks Wells Fargo.... a bank without any money.....Get real.

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Reserve, Louisiana, United States #340589

You could have gone to the Wachovia Bank over the weekend to get your cash, as they did have a plan in place to help Wells Fargo customers during the remodel. And if the chevy was that important to you, you could have drove 20 mins to chico, where there are two in-stores that are open the entire weekend.

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