Hackettstown, New Jersey
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I had my mortgage with Wells Fargo and recently refinanced with GMAC since they gave the best rates with no cost to me. I was told that WF will pay all the excess payments and excess escrows they are holding within 30 days of their receiving final settlement from GMAC. I closed my refinance on 12/12/11, WF got paid on 12/19/11. and as of 1/28/2012 I have not received my over payment and escrow balance from Wells Fargo which is in access of $3000. I called them several times and they keep saying it takes 15 days in clearing the books, 7 days in issuing a check and 7 days in checks to mail. All together it should have taken 29 to 30 days but from 1/3/2012 when check was issued it has not reached to me. May be it is walking on feet from California.

What a dishonest company with dishonest employees backing it. All I have to do is write to Attorney General of NY and wait for my refunds. On the contrary I received my extra payments from GMAC within 15 days of closing as my loan officer atul.rastogi@gmacm.com was the best person who cared more for me as customer than his company.

Watch out of Wells Fargo and BofA, these big banks are not what they seem to be. At the same time it all depends who is your contact person in the company.

Good Luck to all who read this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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