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Wells Fargo has made my life a living ***. I am currently laid off and I got 1 payment behind in my mortgage and they sent me a Foreclosure Notice. I called the "Mitigation Team" and asked for help.They asked me to send them some specific paperwork and I did.

I waited 1 month with no action. Called again and they asked for paperwork again. Sent it out now 2 more months later, they asked for the same paperwork again. Just sent it. As I told the snippy young lady on the phone, my house will be gone before you ever process the paperwork.

Do they care, *** no. It takes several people to get to the right one when you call. They all ask the same questions. I tried to set up an automatic payment, after 3 people on the phone I got the right one. I explained my situation and he said" I won't set up a payment 2 weeks in advance because you don't have the money yet". I explained that I woul;d have it in the bank by then.

Hre eluded that I was behind and if Icouldn't pay today , he wouldn't help me. I said well If I made the arrangements would'nt that stop all the calls. He said "No".

This bank stinks and by the way, I have a vehicle financed there also-anpther story!

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