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I need some help in dealing with Wells Fargo Mortgage. I've been trying to get an honest answer, information with integrity, and something other than a year of scam and nonsense from the clowns they hired for assisting us with mortgage issues.

Awful. They obviously hired people off of the street to answer the calls of all of us who are threatened with the loss of our homes. The run-around and shuck-and-jive they give is amazing. Bottom line: there is no intention to help anything but the coffers of the banks.

So, where do I go to get a loan modification? A re-financing? I am an ancient and excellent patron of the bank, but that does not seem to matter. I am not ***, nor am I destitute.

I am simply old and fearful of the loss of the roof over my head. As it is, I will need to work until three days after I'm dead, and still may lose my home. So Wells Fargo hires teen agers (it sounds like), and gives them scripts on how to pacify us demented homeowners.

Who can help? Where are the inroads to resolving this nonsense?

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You can rest assured this bottom feeder corporation is due for some bad news from the government. I was in default and they offered me a trial payment plan while telling me I had qualified for a loan modification..a govet program no less.

They took 3 payments out of my checking account at their discretion and time frame then later told me I didnt qualify because my payments were late !! They are all lying scumbags and they have no interest in helping you. Be extra rude to them when they call and shame them.

Yell into the phone and curse them they have it coming. :x

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