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I have tried to help my mother who has lost her husband get her mortgage straight well letter after letter and fax after fax guess what she is still having trouble because your staff says they are here to help her shes even on mortgage assistance with your company and every document from death certificate to her s.security and all other info has been faxed a total of 3-5 times for a company who says they are here to help someone avoid foreclosure you suck lets talk about the “foreclosure” we have mailed and faxed every paper you sent x’s 3 and even with Shirley Gute was assured that my mom would be on a trial mortgage period well guess what your employee did not abide by the agreement she was sopposed to deduct the payment 700.00 on the day my mothers s.security went in the bank guess what – it wasnt done but when I called I was assured that it was ok and was taken care of that was a lie ! So somewhere a payment of 700.00 is floating around did ur employee take it ? Second month same thing so we sent a check and bit was cashed 3rd month same sent another check it was cashed . Oh I almost forgot it says that in order to forclose my mom was going to be notified that was also a lie you were goingnto auction it off and sell without her knowledge it this how you got your company started based on lies sure seems like it. And also in my state this isn’t legal ! I’m not a very educated person but the wonderful world of the web has thought me a lot about what this company does and all the dissatisfied customers you have . Now another letter has come in the mail not saying its a forclosure but we can get help to avoid it well I kinda thought we were well thats what the people that work for you are saying to us well I think you will do anything to lie to someone who’s trying hey I’m sorry my step father died and left no life insurance help with after death expense sorry it was such an inconvenience to you as well where are my manners . Now it also has her as Hud risk so with this I as what are you actuall doing to help aanyone but yourselves where is the actual help for your customers that you promise to your customers ? I will send this to anyone I have to because what your doing isnt right . As a nurse if I didn’t help my patients they would die and I see what mental and emotional abuse this has put on my mother I hope you never have any worries sitting in your nice cozy million dollar home while people who live on s.security are scared of losing theirs I hope you can sleep good at night

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