Hope Mills, North Carolina
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Wells f $$@#!!-o defrauded me out of my home in Colorado, which i put approx $75k down on, and lived in for 10 yrs. My, boyfriend, deceased during our time of homelessness, defined fraud to me as: "gaining ones trust and confidence in order to betray that trust and confidence, in order to gain something for yourself". As if they don't have enough. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!!! Their employee, Courtney Edwards, represented their desire to offer us a HARP refinance after i suffered a stroke in 2008 and we got a pmt or two behind. We faxed a CRAPLOAD of paperwork, only to be told the next day of what needed faxed THAT day!!! We drove 30 miles daily, round trip to accomplish this before breaking down and buying a fax machine. Anyway, this went on for MONTHES, in which time we made some payments, but were assured by Ms. Edwards that we were already pre-approved and that any missed pmts. Would be placed on the end of the "new loan". Jimmy witnessed this, but is no longer with us due to freezing under a bridge Dec 2013. I was too *** to request it in writing and felt ok with him as a witness. After ONE YEAR of faxing paper after paper, we were informed we owed all the back pmts. that Ms. Edwards assured us would be placed on end of HARP loan. Not having an extra $15k laying around, and unable to work, due to the stroke, they forclosed. THEY ARE THE WORST LYING SOBs ive ever dealt with.

Having never been broke OR homeless before, it was a REAL ***!!!!! I have since become a firm believer of the almighty God. That is the only good outcome... i lost my home, love of my life, and my beloved dog all due to those dirty rotten B $@!#&$!S, and if that isnt enough...

Got hit by a car n had $3000 ck written on THEIR BANK. i know youre not surprised to hear they wanted $5 to cash it, since i had no account there. I voiced my protest loudly and mgr. quickly waived it (like hes doing me a favor). One last show of their creapy practices is when their ATM only dispensed 20's and when i walked in to chg one, their clerk immed

Asked "do you have an account here" and did not provide 2-10's to me

"NO and i wouldn't ever have one... guess ill walk over to the gas station

.. THEY TREAT ME BETTER THERE"!!! which i did.

People, wake up!!! Dont give this bank a dime!!! Their CEO'S and high-ups are CRIMINALS ans SHOULD BE IN JAIL, esp. In light of their last activity opening accounts without consent, etc!!! Instead, they fire 5000 plus employees fot following orders. We MUST STOP SUPPORTING BIG BUSINESSES who take advantage of us!!! --rkymtngrl99@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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