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On June 24th 2010 my house was destroyed by fire. It's been a nightmare dealing with Wells Fargo.

17 months ago and the house rebuilding has been delayed time after time by the bank. at time of fire

I had just been approved with a loan modification. After sending the Bank $145,273.42 from Farmer's insurance I've had to contact The Comptroler of the Treasury to initial funding release to start construction.

Now at 50% of construction we've called bank to inspect so as to release fundings. 4 weeks and still

no inspections. They've stated that after we requested the inspection, we should get a call for an

appointment and it shoud be within 5 business days. Despite calls, faxes, emails and numerous Presidential

Representative being contacted by both My assistant Paula Twohy and myself we cannot seem to get

the inspection, which is a requirement for them to release funding to finish house. At the end of December

I will be homeless, if house is not completed. It's been costing me an extra $3600 per month for housing.

I'd rather be applying these lost funds toward my mortgage balance. I cannot get my loan reactivated

until we modify the loan, which is dependent on a house being in place. We have had continuous delays

for 11 months. The house would only take no more than 3 months to complete without any delays.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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Sames issues and stunts pulled here. Try to get the money turned around in a timely matter is very difficult.

They will come up with all sorts of reasons why they cant send a check. They tell me to send in the proposals that I paid. I do that then they tell me they all have to be marked "PAID". So I said "are you calling me a liar now?" in a phone call to them.

"You think I stole the money?" . What a bunch of *** The problem lies with the so called "trained professional" that answers the phone. Its evident most are youngsters with no formal education to handle these areas. Listen Shanniqua!

get a life and an education. Not necessarily in that order either.

@AJC why do you think her name is Shanniqua just from your remark tells me that stupidity has now race, color or creed...and not even man or woman to own up to it...GET YO LIFE FOOL!!!


I'm having the same issues as you. It seems that the loss draft department systematically retains the insurance funds of their customers.

I'm waiting on about $20,000 in funds to be released and our construction is 100% complete. Wells Fargo agrees that construction is complete and has agreed to issue checks, but time and time again, the expected arrival date for checks comes and goees. More calls to the loss draft department only to find out the check was never issued.

Nobody has any reason to give me. It just doesn't get done.


as of the first of the new years. I'm without

a home to live in. Stuck in space due to all

the delays from Wells Fargo. It does not seem

that they are eager to help me through so that

my house is finished. Although they are holding

over $46,000 in construction funds, and I may

lose another $29000plus from the insurance company because I'm running out of time in having

the house finished within the given time frames.

The bank holds all the cards. So again consumer

loses and banks win. Although I've been pro-active and having all the banks requirements