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I got a loan from Wells Fargo Bank in 2009 more than a year later I went to pay on my loan.I was told by the teller that my mortgage was high than what I was paying, I said so this was the correct amount she than went on to say that I must of been late last month I replied I have never been late.

I called Wells Fargo Mortgage they told me that they didn't charge enough in taxes when I sign the loan papers, never-mind I asked several times if everything was right they said yes. Wells Fargo Bank did not add Melloros to my loan even tho they told me it had Melloros. Mr Soto from Wells Fargo Bank told me to bad and Ramsin Ovrahim lied to my face and said that I insurance went up which it did not. I'm being accountable for Wells Fargo Mistakes how is that fair?

When I spoke to Marvin Evens at Wells Fargo he did nothing just gave me a number for customer services.

Wells Fargo Bank keeps getting away with everything and the little people like myself that has worked so hard to buy a house by myself gets the screws from the bank.Something must be done.

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Sounds like you need to have your mortgage audited as this is a typical scam.I had mine done and now suing my bank for fraud. can help you have that done.

My lawyer loves the audits as his investigative work is done.The audits show they can't find the note and the original mortgage docs are so full of fraud that they are considered void from the day of signing.

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