Gastonia, North Carolina
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Applied for a small mortgage (less than 20% of value) with good credit. Application process through one of their agents in Charlotte NC took forever, was fraught with headaches resulting from their incompetence and errors.

They promise but do not deliver. When the loan application period expires, they ask you to reapply but never tell you the terms. They blame their incompetence on their customer, and at the end you lose your application deposit.

Your financial plan gets messed up because of the long time it takes them to (not) process your application. Stay away from this incompetent mortgage financing institution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Loan.

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I dont know how or why but i guess it takes wells 3 weeks to figure out where grant money comes from i think there underwriters sit in chairs and eat there own bowdaggets all day. You will get your loan faster through a pissed off retard :(


Wow...they haven't gotten any better. They never return phone calls. It takes an act of congress to talk to a human there....very annoying....I hate wells Fargo!!!!!!!!


I went into foreclosure, called a company called American Homeowners Protection and they saved our house..!! Too bad they also couldn't save my marriage...LOL. I wholeheartedly recommend them and I don't usually recommend ANYONE.


Same thing happened to me. I tried to refinance with Wells Fargo.

But after two months I locked in the rate, all they have for me is the appraisal report. I have good credit and assets. I asked if there is enough time to close and what is the fee for extending the locked rate twice; no answer. Yes asked the agent twice and no response.

I got so pissed that I withdraw from the application.

The worse is that the final letter stated that "they rejected my application becuase of insufficient assets to close the loan", NOT because I requested to withdraw! Never never deal with Wells Fargo and stay away!


We are going through this now with our buyer. We have extended 4 times because our buyer has not performed.

We have been in escrow for 4 months. Wells Fargo waits until near close of escrow to find things in Underwriting that should have been caught the first week. They have said several times your buyers will close this week and they don't.

Wells Fargo words and promises are WORTHLESS. Don't sell your home to a buyer who uses WF!


Hopefully you will close before your deadline. In my case they didn't.

Better business bureau took forever and sided with the bank.

The banks seem to have a hold on most aspects of business, including consumer protection services. I don't think it is rudeness, I think it is utter incompetence and lack of oversight over untrained agents.


Looooong wait... rude incompetent agent...

I have similar experience. Contacted this Wells fargo agent in early Oct... completed all documentation by Oct-12th... home valuation isgreat...

my credits are great.. one loan "passed" late in november but no word since then.. the other is not even passed yet.

I fear I am being singled out by that rude agent for confronting him. Not sure who to contact...