Anchorage, Alaska

The many complaints found here are definitely valid. Did you also know that when you call Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Servicing call center in Anchorage, Alaska, you might be connected to an employee who was arrested for possession and distribution of child ***.

He also was recently arrested for 1st degree sexual assault. Do you really want a mortgage through this place? If you talk with him, he will have computer access to your confidential information. He's out on bail and working at the call center.

They even had him on paid leave while he was in jail. There is something wrong with this picture.

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We unfortunately had to work with this *** while managers and supervisors at the Anchorage, Alaska WFHM covered for him - even paying him while he was in jail. There were reports of his stalking other team members.

They just covered for him. This sick office that only has a few employees now has a closed security system with a fat, abuse mentally ill employee administering it. DO NOT BANK AT WELLS FARGO. It is truly the sickest place we have ever worked.

Protect your information and security by going to a good local bank or credit union. Wells Fargo should be kicked out of Alaska. By he way, the *** who is so dearly loved by the manager and supervisors at WFHM is now in jail awaiting sentencing - no bail.

He is required to register as a sex offender. THEY allowed him to work with a computer, phones, have access to personal information for more than a year.


This is outrageously unbelievable! Yet, it doesn't surprise me.

I've dealt with many shady acting characters on the car loan side who have access to my personal information and were absolutely volatile acting with me during course of conversation (bad conversation, at that). It made me wonder how they can know about me but, I ask them their name, and they either hang up on me or give me a fictitious name!!

Do we really want our information in the hands of these people who aren't ethical or honest? My answer is NO.

There should be thorough back ground checks made on everyone who has people's personal information at their fingertips.

I suspect that there's a whole array of criminals working for them!! Something needs to change to better protect the consumers.


After more than a year that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage, Alaska allowed this *** to work in its call center, he finally changed his plea to guilty. He is guilty of two counts of possession of child *** and one count of distribution of child ***.

During the year that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Managers and Supervisors allowed this *** to continue working with computer, phones, he also raped someone.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO. Do you want your personal information in the hands of this kind of unethical, criminal people.


Dean and I have a love child who is black he promised me & raise


Dean Harvey HMC Monrovia Ca is a sex offender


This is the SECOND SEX OFFENDER in the Alaska call center. There was another one a few years ago.

Although that *** was prosecuted, the female supervisors still said he was innocent. He was so innocent that he went to jail. We have to work with this current accused. He goes to court again this week and hopefully will go directly to jail.

He has two counts of possession and one count of distribution. The distribution came when he sent child *** to the child sex crimes unit in Alaska.

He has all your personal information when you call WF. Do you trust this bank?


We unfortunately work with this *** There have been complaints about him, but his female supervisors think he is a nice quiet young man. This is how these people continue to go on with their activities. Do not deal with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Anchorage, Alaska.